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    So basically I started sixth form in September 2015. I moved to a sixth form because I wanted to do A levels and because my school didn't have a sixth form. It started all right as I made some new friends and had like two old friends join me at the sixth form. However I have slowly to really dislike the sixth form for many reasons . Firstly of my old friends got into some trouble with a student in the sixth form that attended the sixth forms secondary school. So everyone turned against him . And becuz I talk to him and some other friends do, people that attended the sixth forms secondary didn't like that . And now u can feel this tension and it just doesn't feel good because it's not that they don't like me it's how they are treating my old friend that attended the same secondary school. Secondly the teaching standard at the sixth form is not very good. We do have some good teachers but the majority ate t very good. I do economics and my economics teacher hasn't been in for a month and I have only got a few weeks until the exam. I'm more or less destined to fail economics because of this and the sixth forms inability to sort the situation out.I am not doing bad at all educationally as I get Cs in a mocks only one or two Ds. However I don't think the sixth form and the teachers have given me the confidence to do well and I think I'm not realistically guaranteed at least a C in my 4 subjects. So I'm not sure whether to leave at the end of yr 12 to a sixth form that opened recently. It has very good facilities and some of my Friends have told me it's good. However there are problems as I moved house and now it's my responsibility of taking and bringing my sister and brother to skl which is very annoying!!! And because I have Asian parents (annoying dad that doesn't really understand the uk education. System) I can't Say anything. My dad has these stupid expectations that I will become a doctor or engineer. Don't get me wrong I can last at This sixth form but I don't know if it's Worth the hassle of moving sixth form especially with the whole thing of trying to fix the exam board issue . Plz give me ur thought and opinions on what I should or can do . And there's no point speaking to my parents about it becuz their bit very understanding and don't understand the bigger picture. I mean my dad doesn't know the difference between A level and btec.
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    A difficult one, but you are getting older now and its your life. I assume you will have authority to move if you wish to and your parents wont say anything? If you dont then you cant move. I would do the following:

    1. Talk to existing teacher you trust about grades and see if theres a way to improve where you are:
    2. Go and see the other 6th form. Work out if you will be happier there and if you think its better teaching, thats more important than facilities.
    3. Work out how you will fit in taking your siblings to school.
    4. I am unsure whether you will start the year again or tray and transfer? If its a fresh start (which is what I would do) then you have some xplaining to parents and also what will you do between now and the start of your new year? You would need o talk to the teachers becayse you cnat leave education and training at your age.

    If you will be happier and it gives you a better chance then do it, be through but relatively quick.
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