As Geography Meander Formation (6 marks)

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Meanders form at the middle coarse of the river and are sinuous bend in a river. Once the velocity is increased and the load has become fine the river has a surplus of energy. Straight channels have alternative bars of sediment on their beds which causes the water to move round the bars forming: Pools are the deep section formed by vertical erosion such as abrasion and are more efficient are carrying water enhance the rivers energy and erosive power whilst the riffles are shallower areas. The river will always take the path of least resistance causing the river to flow around these pools and riffles causing it to travel from side to side. As the velocity increases further the river has a higher energy surplus and the only way a river can get rid of it is though the development of meanders. As the river moves from side to side it means that the maximum velocity is hitting the river banks resulting in erosion and undercutting of the side via abrasion and hydraulic cation. A concave shape known as the river cliff starts to form on the outer bend. The velocity on the outside of the bend is highest as the water has further to travel casing more erosion to occur, however on the inside of the bend at the meanders slip off slope the velocities are slower which causes sediment to be deposited here. The slip of slop is increased in size further by which is a horizontal erosion which is the corkscrew motion that occurs in meanders and is where the surface flows towards the outer bank whilst the bottom flow is to the inner bend.It takes place on the river cliff eroding it further and causing it to become undercut, the sediment removed is then deposited on the inside of the bend causing the slip off to grow. After time is causes the river to migrate further downstream or the formation of an oxbow lake.

Would you say this is a full description of a meanders formation ??
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This is a really good written piece, but you need to sort out your English in it.

Middle coarse -> middle course

And are sinuous bend -> and are A sinuous bend

the load has become fine the river has a surplus -> needs a comma between "fine" and "the"

Straight channels... -> straight river channels.../straight channels in the river...

Forming: Pools are the -> I see what you're going for here, but don't just go straight into it, say "Pools, which are the"

"Are more efficient are" -> are more efficient at

The rest of it has a few errors too, that's just the first four lines. I don't know if there's marks for SPAG anymore, but you will lose marks if the examiner says they can't read it or it doesn't flow well. You'd probably get 4/6, maybe a 5, on this. But other than that, it's good. Just make sure you reread your work.

FYI if you're dyslexic, obviously you can ignore all of this as they'll probably take that into consideration.

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