Mitigating circumstances: applying for a job

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Is anxiety and panic attacks a reason for mitigating circumstances?
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Whilst its good to get it all out im not sure what you want.

Im sorry you are going through a traumatic time but how have they affected your grades?

Maybe go tot he campus health centre if they have GP there ot talk to one of the counselors at the students union who will be used to dealing with stressed students?

Seems to me if you have mitigating circumstances then

1. You need to get them diagnosed so go and see your GP
2. You need to tell your tutor depending what it is- you sound depressed, stressed and anxious. the dept might have a few options or may decide they cant do anything, so support from independent professional is more helpful to you, than you just saying you havent seen anyone. You also need to know what your predicted and actual grades are. its not clear from your post how much your grades are affected.
3. Book an appointment with your careers advisor and they may be able to give you guidance.

You have identified the correct issue that you need to be careful about playing too much on mitigating circumstances, they are interested in picking the best rather than taking on a problem. I can see how you can use mitigating circumstances to explain a bad exam, but you need to get the balance right. Run this past a careers adviser.. The poster @J-SP has experience in the recuitment process so I would take his guidance.

When you get a lot of this information hen you cna run through the options in light of what the Dr and your department say. If you are near collapse then you might need to defer a year or alternatively uf you cna function byt they are unwilling to give you good predicted rades then consider deferring tc applications for a year.

I am sorry you are facing all these problems and yes it sucks, but you now need to start taking small steps to look after yourself and a plan on how to get better as well as looking after yourself. that includes worrying less, eating, sleeping and relaxing properly.
Cambridge produces some easy to read leaflets on anxiety, loneliness and other issues.

Feel free to pm if you feel it would help, its no trouble. I cnat see one definite answer, you just have to get the best pitch you can.

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