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What date is eeyone moving to uni?!

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Reply 80
i got the enrollment thing..cnt b bothered filling it at the il do it some time when im bored...
Liverpool Hope University
Liverpool Hope University
Reply 81
just gunna get it done me
Reply 82
um excuse me all!! im away for 3 days and there is slander towards the dear lexie!!! im sorry andy but its OCD whether u like it or not lol!!!! we all agree, its just SOME of u lol wanna blame me instead of u all agreeing.....tut tut!! hehe we love u rlly andy!!!! i got my enrollment thing too, so complex ahhh lol!! im rlly sorry bout the lennon studios thing, thats rlly gay!! they should rlly all have toasters e.t.c hmmm o well, u can come borrow mine :biggrin: xxx
Reply 83
might be moving in on the 9th now instead of the 8th, bookin another holiday tonight i think lol!

must be MoEsa blaming lexie... i wouldnt:biggrin:
Reply 84
oi u coady...dont you just blame everything on the one who said you going to hide ya knives :wink: hehe
Reply 85
hey! its both of you hehe!! hide your knifes indeed, dunno what may happen if you leave them about when im around "evil cackle" muahahahah!!! x
Reply 86
*scared of everybody on this thread now!*
Reply 87
Mod's please lock thread.... Lexie is an official psycho.

As for that blaytont Lie MoEsa, it was you that said hide the knives!!!
Reply 88
haha every1 is off me and on2 lexies psyconess, this thread is quite funny now its jst full of apollo court madness frm coady mo lexie and myself ahh well
lexie*17 im gonna take you up on that offer lol, its so gay so im gonna have to get one...oh its gna be a long summer with all you apollo court pps taking over!!
Reply 90
lol cant believe you coady...o then who's the one who said we'l have to check our food for rat poison and you'l bring extra locks for your door? eh? eh? and andy dont get too happy, we stil on your case..just thought lexie was getting left out so had to pick on her...but andy..we'l b back! :evil:
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lol its interesting im talking to both andy and mo at the same time and mo you are just as bad as andy!! andy is just sourring you all on lol!!! bigmikey dont be scared just ignore the stupidenss of these whalleys lol!!! and as for the rat poison what the hell!>!> and i am NOT psycho! andy is the one with OCD not me!!! *blows rasberry*!!!

Reply 92
whats rat poison?:confused:
I'm confused! How do you know whats included in your flat? Does everyone have to buy pans/plates/cutlery etc or is it best to wait till you get there? I'm most definately hitting ikea as soon as I get there.
I moved in the 8th last year and will be doing the same again this year. But my manager wants me back asap though.
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mannn i dont know when to move in and so far i dont even know if anyone other then myself is living at cambridge court haha im coming from the midlands so its a journey!
Reply 96
isnt anyone staying at marybone 2?

dunno bout all the kettles n that alls i know is am bringin me own quilt with me:smile:

Why do some people get to move in on the 8th? I dont get to move in till the 13th. It not fare that they get a whole 5 extra days to get to know each other, the campus and party. It's so unfare :mad:

im not movin in til the 15th cos its the only day i can get over without too much hassle...hopefully every1 will be nice enuff even if they've already got 2 no each other anyway!! xxx
2 weeks to go till results day. me...nervous never.just gonna sit here with my bottle of jack and await doomsday lol