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Hi guys I'm new to TSR, was just looking for some friendly advice ^.^/. I'm a 17 year old A-level drop out that's currently an electrical engineering apprenticeship, which offers a 12 year contract at the end in Electrical engineering, I'm currently on £18.5k apprentice pay atm.. it's seemed to be a very good deal at the start however, I'll only gain an NVQ level 3 after my training😔... I'm I doing the right thing?? I was achieving good grades at collage but I didn't really enjoy it. I've been considering going back to collage and going to Uni to perhaps study Electrical engineering... which could offer more opportunities with employers, however is it really worth getting into 40k of debt with no real guarantee of getting better job prospects at the end of it?? Or should I just stick to what I know?? Thanks, Jack
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Well, the short answer is yes, uni is worth getting into debt (it isn't really debt, it's more like a graduate tax) if you want to do a job that requires a degree - but I don't think you should rush into college/university if you have no clear ideas of what you actually want to do. There's no reason why you can't continue what you're doing for 2 years and revisit the idea of university later - it will still be there then.

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