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    Hello, does anyone know a good solid way of revising? I'm really struggling with it at the moment, so if anyone knows a good way, that would be great!!
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    For subjects like science, re, computing, etc, I use the revision guide to make revision cards, where each card summarizes a page from the guide. That way you're remembering the content far better as you're writing things down, and you're doing it in your own words, both of which help with memory. I then highlight key words from these revision cards, and read over then to further embed the content. Look up anything you don't understand, don't just skip it.

    Taking notes whilst watching a video on the topic is also helpful, it's important to be taking notes as it helps you to remember the content, and it's ACTIVE, which is the key to good revision, rather than just passively glazing over whilst a video plays and you're not taking anything in.

    If there are parts of the subject that require memorisation of a lot of stuff, use flash cards where you write a question on one side (eg "what is the equation for anaerobic respiration in animals";), and then the answer on the other side ("glucose --> lactic acid";).

    Then, once you feel you know the content well, do a past paper in timed conditions. Mark it, see how well you did. What questions did you do badly in? Research the content for the questions you got wrong. Would you now be able to get a similar question right? Do another past paper, mark it, research wrong answers, etc etc. Repeat as necessary.

    For other subjects like English it's a little trickier. Use mr bruff YouTube videos to learn examples of good analysis, then practice practice practice writing the things that they want you to write in the exam. For example i practiced an English language Q1 in timed conditions, looked at the mark scheme to see if i hit the top band, marked myself for how well i did and what needs improving, then i did the entire thing again in timed conditions. This is for English language (AQA) tests, for literature you need to do research into the books you're doing, analyse poems, and write practice essays.

    For maths you have to just go over the specification and make sure you can do all of it, do a past paper, see what you got wrong, watch videos on that topic, practice until you understand, do another past paper, and so on and so forth.


    There are many different ways of revising but you need to make sure that you use the method that helps you best.
    You could make notes from out of a revision guide or you could use mind maps and flashcards. Using colour will help the important information stand out on the page.
    Past papers is another good one especially for maths because most people know how to do it but when the question is worded differently they get put off so by using those you understand the ways in which the question is worded.
    If you dont understand anything from the past papers then use YouTube videos during the easter holidays and when you get back ask your teacher to go through it. This can be used for maths, english, science and other subjects.
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    Thank you for the advice, I'll give it a go 😀 thanks again!!

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