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My friend and I have always liked each but have been too shy to do anything about it. I am on eHarmony and very strangely we got matched as compatible. This was not possible to fix this as you answer a questionnaire and eHarmony sends you your matches.

My friend looked at my profile, I then looked at his profile and sent him an automated 'can't stop smiling' and I sent a message saying "Hi Jake, it looks like eHarmony thinks we are a match... ". He sent an automated response straight away saying "Jake wants to get to know you". I waited for him to reply to my message and all week there was nothing.

He was meant to come out with mutual friends at the end of the week so I thought he might wait till then to chat. He didn't come and went out with other friends. I closed the match down the next day as I thought he can't be interested.

Looking back now I don't know if I acted hastily. Was I meant to write back? I don't know if he didn't come as he may have thought I snubbed him by not writing anything back. One friend said he was rude and should have replied and other said maybe he did not know what to say.

I don't know why I keep beating myself up over this. I really liked him and felt like he wasn't interested but a friend said he was interested as he sent the automated response saying he wanted to get to know me.
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Difficult in the sense theres no clear way of knowing what he is thinking. Is he shy as well? I know you are shy but is it impossible for you o mention it to him in person and see what he says or via social media?

You like him, so the best way its to find out or as you did just make for certain you like him and see if he reciprocates. It looks betetr to find out that waste time beating yourself up. he might still be interested just confused ir he might not. You have to take a risk and find out.
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Anyone else got any thoughts as I am still confused.

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