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    Hiya all.

    This being my first post, I thought I'd delve into some pretty grim business; the morbid trudge of revision. So here goes:

    - The first thing y'all should know is I'm pretty ambitious; I'm aiming at least to get into a top Russell Group Uni.

    - The second thing y'all should know is I happen to be exceptionally diligent, not particularly bright, just diligent.

    - The third thing y'all should know (and the last) is that I go to a bad school, and I mean a really BAD school; it's the kinda school that literally doesn't care if I get 10 U's. It's THAT kinda school. So unlike many others I haven't had the benefit of good teachers to bolster my confidence and understanding of all the various subjects.

    Anyhow my current revision schedule looks a bit like this:


    - I wake up at 4am; I get ready to start at around 4:30am and work for 3 hours in 30 minute slots followed by 5 minute breaks. After school I do the same sort of thing: 30 minute prep time followed by 3 hours work. Go to bed at 9pm.


    - I get up at 4am, then mess around for an hour and start at 5am. I work in 30 minute slots followed by 5 minute breaks. I keep doing this until my work slots clock in at around 6 hrs. I then have an hour break. Immediately after my brief, albeit sweet respite I crack on with some maths for 40 mins, then I go back to the 30/5 slots until my total work time totals 9hr and 40 mins. I then have a 30 minute break. Shortly after that I work for another 90 minutes or so and I call it a day. I go to bed at around 9pm.
    - I probably sound like one of those people on the TSR forums who boast about adhering to an unrealistic schedule. Truth is, I actually uphold my timetable, RELIGIOUSLY.

    This all being said, my schedule has completely eroded my health and self-esteem. Before all this I was like everyone else, but these last few months my perfectionism has culminated to the very verge of burnout.

    My question I put to all of you is do I need to continue working this hard to go as far as I want to go? Bear in mind that I'm not gifted academically, so don't go reassuring me that I'll be fine and be able to just do it all the night before. For the sake of my sanity, I'd appreciate any tips from fellow workaholics.

    Thanks y'all.

    Waking up at 4am?! :lolwut: I wish I had a drive like yours. :cry:

    Well done for keeping up with that schedule though, it is something big

    I think you should make sure you look after your health, taking a longer break or a day off won't hurt. Maybe if you feel like you want more sleep one day - why not? Don't deteriorate your health for education. It is possible to maintain your health alongside of education, it's just about making a routine that suits you best.

    So what I do is wake up whenever I feel like I've had enough sleep, apart from the days I feel like I am slacking a bit on work. I work in two hour slots and take an hour break. During my my two hour slots of revision I do go on my phone and take a minute or two off if I feel like I'm putting too much pressure on myself. Of course if I'm doing some past paper questions and timing myself then I prefer to not take any minutes off. I don't push myself to do a certain amount everyday I have a to-do list for every week and I just make sure I complete it (sometimes :teehee:).

    Bear in mind, I'm not the best example. I just do what suits me best. Also I'm going A Levels.

    My best advice would be to look after yourself, make a schedule that suits you best. Use the TSR Study Planner to do so if you wish. If you feel like you don't like timetables then just create a to-do list for every week and tick off what you've done.

    I hope this helps.
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