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HI guys, there's some terms that come up on the AQA sociology glossary that I don't understand because they haven't taught it in my school which I am scared because any of these terms could up on the exam. Can someone please help me explain what they mean with examples as well. Thank you

For the topic Mass media:
substitute hearth
content analysis
mass popular culture

For the topic Crime and Deviance:
Chivalry thesis
indictable offence
Social construct

For the topic Studying Society:

For the topic education:

For the topic families:
Cereal packet family
Empty shell marriage
Neo-conventional families
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I'll help with the few I remember from OCR A Level.

Popular Culture: It's the arts and other manifestations of cultural products such as music, dance, art, film, literature. Usually consumed by the working, lower, and middle class.

Chivalry Thesis: This is a common belief that the male-dominated police force and courts, are easier on women due to them not being considered a threat. Whereas a man may be arrested, police may let women off with a warning.

Social Construct: Something that is created by society.

Triangulation: The process where you validate data through the use of two or more research methods in a single piece of research to check the reliability and validity of research evidence.

Cereal Packet Family: A stereotypical image of a family created by Oakley, it must fit the criteria that be a 1. Nuclear family living with one or two of their natural dependent children. 2. The couple is seen to be married (excludes single parent and cohabiting families) 3. The couple is heterosexual (therefore no same sex couples) 4. Father is the breadwinner and mum stays at home to look after the housework/children. She might also have a part-time job in order to bring that little extra home

Commune: A group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

Empty Shell Marriage: Where the marriage is held only by it's in name; a couple continues to live under the same roof but as separate individuals.

Hope this helped somewhat.
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Googling these terms should bring up an explanation

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