Why can't I clean up my sleep routine? Motivation issues.

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I'm so tired. My eyes look constantly dark and actually feel really, really tired. I can't remember the last time I woke up on a morning feeling refreshed. And I know why I'm not sleeping well - I keep my brain awake by staying on my laptop or chatting with people (for distraction from anxiety) and then when I get in bed I don't even let myself switch off completely.

Because I know the problem, you would think I'd be able to stop with the behaviours that are making me lose sleep/destroying my quality of sleep but I don't seem to be able to make changes. I'm lacking in motivation in the moment even though I know exactly what I need to do and I do have the long-term motivation (wanting to feel better and recover from my anxiety and get back to life - and I know sleeping will help with that).

I also seem to lack motivation in general when it comes to changing my unhelpful behaviours. I struggle to leave the house, I hide all day behind my laptop screen in order to distract myself, and I always have regrets when it gets to the night time and I realise I haven't done anything yet again. I've mentioned that this lack of motivation in the moment is hindering my progress to my therapist but he just had me fill out a list of pros and cons about making changes. Of course I can see that makes changes would be good for me, but I just don't have the energy.

Sorry for the ramble.
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It sounds like a mix of issues. You have anxiety, which by the sound of things, really isn't helping you one bit. I do think it sounds as though if you sort out the anxiety first, you may sort out your sleep issues?

Work on one issue at a time. It makes things so much easier.

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