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Bath Spa Accommodation.

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I was hoping for Sydney, if not Waterside Court.

I kind of had a slight problem with getting an offer, but only because my course leader didn't put a proper predicted grade down. I wasn't ever marked as rejected by them, atleast not that I know of.
Students at work, Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University
Nope, I was accepted without any problems and I made them my firm in April. Logically there must be something that links us all together but I don't have a clue what it is. Ah how annoying is this?!
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When Bath calls one of you guys back please let us know what they say.

We're in Germany right now so we can't really call em up, especially if we're gonna be on hold for ages!
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Will do. I wasn't on hold for very long at all though so it might be worth phoning anyway, just as long as you can give them a number to phone you back
I just refreshed the page and it came up with the enrolment form! I've filled it all in and melted my credit card by paying the registration fee which all went through. I think I've registered now but there's nothing to tell me that I have, the form for applying is still there when I click student accomodation. I'm not sure why it suddenly decided to let me apply. I called the uni and gave my details; they didn't call back but perhaps they sorted it anyway.
Did anyone get any conformation that their application was successful, other than the email about payment being received?
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I got an email about payment and that was it, so i presume thats normal.

Just tried again with my gf's application and got the same problem!! argh!
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Nothing has changed for me either. Still not heard back via phone or email.
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Nope nothing for me either! This is driving me crazy!
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Just tried phoning again, didn't really find out anything - the guy said they still don't really know what the problem is, he took my UCAS number and is going to see if he can log me in and get back to me, only he doesn't know when that'll be. Arghh so frustrated! and hungry!
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Well I left it for a while, and tried again and i got in. Applied to waterside and sydney.
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Just had lunch, come back and it's still the same.
The entire process of applying for Bath Spa has been an absolute pain in the arse, one problem after the other!
I hope the quality of teaching isn't as bad as this!
Has anyone had any luck yet?
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No!! *Sobs quietly into pillow!*
So as of yet we know no way round this!
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Well just off the phone from my mum (she did as I was in an exam(which went ok!)) and she says she did mine at should be ok. Heres hoping she didnt mess it up, after hearing what happened and knowing how computer illiterate my mum worried! But she says it was fine, and she has printouts and reciepts or something for me to see...Hope you guys have got through or are going to get through soon! much luck
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... this is getting a bit stupid now. Anyone else had any luck since?
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I just managed to complete it. I got an email from the support people telling me to try again.

I wrote a little message in the special requirements section about how they should bare in mind when allocating rooms that problems with their system caused many people who have been waiting since 9am to be 'late' with their applications. Hope they take note and hope you all get to do your forms soon!
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damn, no luck here.
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I just emailed them with this:

At 9am when the applications opened I entered my UCAS number, DOB and email address as requested but was given this message:
"Your student records currently disallow you to book Student Housing"
I then sent 2 messages at around 9.15am, which I'm still waiting for a reply some 5 hours later!
I know I'm not the only one having this problem as I have seen people reporting the exact same thing only a few minutes past 9am.
This is totally unfair as it's first come first served and despite me being ready to sign up at 9am I'm still sitting here with no explanation as to why I can't complete the application!

My details:
Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
UCAS No: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Temp Student ID: xxxxxxxxxx

Thank You

Their reply:

Thank you for your e mail regarding applying for accommodation.

We will assume that you have now resolved your problem and have been able to complete your application.

What the hell from my above email made them think the problem was resolved?!
BTW that's my third email to them and that's their first reply.