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Hello there,

I have received an unconditional offer at 10th of March for my application to Southampton Msc Data Science, on my offer it says 'The offer is valid for 30 days from the date of letter.' So I expected deadline to end in 10th of April but yesterday got an another automated email saying the deadline is 26th of April until it expires.

The problem is, I'm waiting answer for another application from Edinburgh and they haven't returned yet. I was about to accept Soton's offer until I got the second mail but since it says it is until 26th, I am willing to wait a bit more.

The question is: is there a chance that the mail they sent me is wrong ? I thought 30 days of time would include holidays ( 10 of March to 9/10 of April ) but I'm guessing they were counting workdays ? Is there anyone here that can confirm 30 days of acceptance duration is 30 workdays ?

Thanks a lot

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