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Within the last couple of years I finished a masters in sustainable energy, which I choose because I liked the institution, had no real idea what I wanted to do and it seemed like good job prospects.

Recently though after a bit of time out travelling and doing odd jobs I've reassessed things and I'd really like to get back into a more physics orientated engineering specialisation, specifically an involvement with the astronautics sector; something I've had an interest in since I was tiny, just always dismissed as an unfeasible career.

Now I currently have a couple of offers for physics PhDs, but they are all within condensed matter. It would be fun and all, but not really what I dream about.

I'm wondering what might be the best way of getting into the astronautics sector from where I currently am. I'm not sure whether I worked doing energy R&D, most likely solar as that what I have the most expertise and interest in, for a while and built up experience I'd be able to transfer to a space orientated company. Does this seem like a reasonable path? I don't really have the money to be able to afford another masters.

Any comments about my ideas or other suggested paths would be welcome.

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You need to either gain relevant work experience (which may be unpaid) or get a relevant masters degree. There isn't much else you can do. Maybe look for jobs that are in the sector that don't specify needing a specialist degree.

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