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    Two more stories have popped into the news about anti-semitism and Corbyn/McDonnell in the last two days



    Corbyn always claims that he is opposed to all forms of racism, but this is baloney. If I regularly shared a stage with leading members of the KKK, if I repeatedly praised them and defended them in public, if I intervened to try to stop the government from banning these KKK members from entering the country, I couldn't with a straight face claim in all seriousness to be anti-racist.

    Corbyn's form for this;

    *Corbyn has praised Hamas (an organisation that calls for all Jews worldwide to be killed in its charter) as being quote "dedicated to peace and social justice"

    *Corbyn praised Sheikh Raed Salah (a man who an English court found had committed the blood libel of claiming Jews murder gentile children to harvest their blood, who called homosexuality a "great crime" and advocated Jerusalem becoming the capital of a global caliphate) as an "honourable man" who "represents his people well" and that he [Corbyn] would give him "tea on the terrace" of the Palace of Westminster. This was after Corbyn intervened to help prevent the Home Secretary from banning him from the country, and when asked about this by Channel 4 he lamely said 'Well the Israelis let him travel therefore he can't be an anti-semite'.

    *Corbyn also intervened to oppose his "friend" Dyab Abou Jahjah from being excluded from the country. Corbyn was sitting next to Abou Jahjah when he made the comments about Hamas being dedicated to social justice etc. Abou Jahjah called 9/11 a 'day of joy', called homosexuals "AIDS-spreading ******s", he led a protest in which the chant "Jews are dogs" was used and his organisation Arab European League later instigated anti-Jewish riots in Belgium. Abou Jahjah's organisation also had as a member Fouad Belkacem who went on to found the Sharia4Belgium group, now a proscribed terrorist organisation in Belgium and of which the Paris attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud was a member

    *Corbyn accepted funds from an organisation which put out the Palestine Telegraph website which republished material from US KKK leader and Holocaust denier David Duke

    *Corbyn is by his own description "very good friends" with Dr Ibrahim Hewitt who referred to the "so-called Holocaust" and who is extremely close to the leadership of Hamas

    There are literally another dozen or so instances of Corbyn associating with anti-semites and fascist crackpots. I simply couldn't imagine that I would ever, say, share a platform with KKK members and befriend them simply on the justification that we might have some agreement on some narrow area of politics. And yet Corbyn has repeatedly made clear that he will befriend and associate with some of the most execrable anti-semites in this country and in Europe on the basis that they both want the same outcome in Israel/Palestine.

    When confronted with this he invariably trots out the mewling excuse "My mother fought at cable street" and claims he is a renowned campaigner against racism. The facts show rather differently.

    Corbyn's actions show that he is, at best, completely indifferent to anti-semitism where actually standing up and speaking out about it might offend his ideological bedfellows. He is clearly extremely attached to his self-image as a radical and a rebel, and I think he gets some kind of psychological thrill from associating with men who carry guns (at least, those who carry guns to use against the West). Thus he would not do anything to endanger his access to this psychological thrill or his standing amongst these people. That is certainly his right in a democracy, but it is pretty obscene for him then to claim that not only is he personally opposed to anti-semitism but he is actually some kind of renowned campaigner against it. He is clearly extremely comfortable in the company of people who call for all Jews worldwide to be killed, so his personal opposition to anti-semitism cannot be that strong.
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