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Could you please mark questions 5 to 8. Honest opinion, I haven't edited any of these questions, so the grammar is extremely bad.

5. The power of confederates is extremely powerful. As you can see, if there confederates were obeying it gave the highest percentage of participants obeying of 92.5%. Which is greater if they didn't exist as mentioned below, obedience is 65%. That's over 25% greater. Again, if the confederates were in the room with the experimenter but they were being disobedient, participants that obeyed were 10%, this is 55% lower than if it was just the participants. These results show that the power of confederates is extremely powerful even if the experimenter is with them.

6. The two researches I'm going to mention in conformity is Asch (1951) and Zimbardo (1971)

Firstly Asch's aim was very simple. He wanted to see if the more people within a group would increase conformity even if the answer was extremely obvious. There were two sets of lines, the first set had three lines, all different lengths, and finally the second set had one line. And the participants had to say which one the second set resembled even if it was extremely obvious.

The evaluation of this experiment is that firstly it was extremely gender bias. There were only men within each group, this isn't a highlight of the real world where the amount of men and women is near even. The second evaluation of this is that it was quite accurate, the same experiment could be repeated around the world and people in different countries still got similar results. Thirdly, this extremely lacks ecological validity. In real life people are rarely going to be in a situation where they have to compare lines. Lastly, this experiment has ethical issues. Participants weren't debriefed and may have experienced psychological stress during the test, and this isn't allowed in the States nor United Kingdom anymore due to laws.

Zimbardo's experiment aim was to see if people adapted to the roles they were given. The experiment consisted of 21 participants. 11 Guards and 10 prisoners. They were taken to a mock prison under stanford university. It was due to last a fort night and see if people were going to adapt to their new roles.

The evaluation of this experiment was that it was gender bias. Again, it was only men, and this doesn't reflect the real world. secondly it was population bias, no prison has 10 prisoners, nor did this include women prisons. Thirdly this experiment had ethical issue problems, three participants had to leave because they were in early signs of depression. The experiment hulted after 6 days because conditions got so bad. People were forced to do things even though this was an experiment. Lastly it lacked ecological validity because these weren't real guards and prisions.

7. Locus control is how much control you have over yourself. Do you make your own decisions or do you rely on people. it is split into two, internal and external.

Internal locus of control is what you control, are you a person that makes things happen? Do you revise to do well on an exam? They are most likely to take responsibility if they fail.

While external locus of control is what you dont have control over. What are the questions on an exam? When these people fail, they generally blame the test for the mistakes they made.

8. A minority can bring social change by three methods.




If the minority is flexible and doesn't give all their points at once and over time people generally tend to listen due to the lack of pressure for them to conform.

If you are committed people tend to believe more because you're spending your time. Especially if you have no time to waste and you aren't doing it for yourself.

Finally consistency, if you are consistant of what you say and don't change your opinion people will start to believe your point.

TSR Jessica
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

You can also find the Exam Thread list for A-levels here and GCSE here. :dumbells:

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