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Lyddon Hall '07

the party starts here!!!
Two returning Lyddoners here, interested in our future halls buddies!
You have a lot to live up to so you better come prepared (a strong stomache and dressing up gear are ESSENTIAL).
hit us back, just to chat, truly yours,
Keels and Kirst

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I'm in the middle of applying for accomodation - is Lyddon Hall good?!
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
University of Leeds
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Lyddon is amazing.
It's well sociable.
Do it.
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sorry, my friends have informed me that the last reply wasn't very helpful :blushing:
So, this year Lyddon hall has been amazing!! it's been really sociable, helped by the fact that we all eat together and we have the JCR (junior common room commitee) who organise lots of events so that we can all get together. Being a small hall (150 people i think) it's easy to get to know almost everyone (if you put the effort in) making it a close knit community which is great because there's always someone about to do things with if your bored and usually if you get one person involved it's easy to persuade others!!!
There's also the bonus of it being on campus, i can't tell you how many of my friends at Boddington and Lupton envy this!

BUT there are a few downsides :frown:
Having wardens around in the weekdays and subwardens at all other times means that there are some things that you can't get away with and would expect to as a student! This isn't as bad as it sounds though. If you have a party in your room or something the subwardens only come over if there has been a complaint and after a few weeks you'll find the best room to go to where noone will complain, the annexes are perfect, this year it just seems to be the main hall where there havce been a few complaints.
Also there are going to be a few changes next year. The bottom commonroom is being halved to be made into an office but the top common room is being changed from the 'piano room' to the tv room s there will till be somewhere to be sociable. Also we will no longer eat in the main hall but in the refectory in the union (which is about a minutes walk) this could mean Lyddon is less sociable but we will try our hardest to make sure it isnt.
As i said, myself and Keeley are coming back next year and are both on the JCR so we can ASSURE you that the events planning will be AAAAAYYYYMMMAAAAYYYYZZZIIIIINNNGGG!!!!
If you need any more info, let me know, sorry for the essay!!!
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OMG people applying and returning to Lyddon Hall! I've only found one other person and that was on the UCAS forums. I'm so excited to hear that Lyddon is a great place to live! I would love to join the JCR at some point. Don't hate me, but I also want to be a subwarden next year because you get half your accomodation paid for, which I really need.

So, can you give any hints as to what activities we're in for? I love the idea of everybody eating together. I thought it would be fun to set up one night a week or a month where everyone in the hall or the floor or whatever gets together for dinner and a game or dinner and a movie or something, just to get everyone together. I was afraid that people wouldn't be into hanging out together though.

Thanks so much for the information!
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Hi Jenny!!
how nice to finally hear of someone joingin us at THE WONDEROUS LYDDON.
prepare yourself....we (as the prelimary JCR) have some cracking events lined up for your first weeks at Lyddon.
first up......the Otley Run, absolute LEGENDARY pub crawl in Leeds involving dressing up (see for more details)
The run is basically around 16-18 pubs (you lose count by about the 6th) where a drink of your choice is had in each.
We have come up with a few themes for the first one which we need to mull over with the senior subwarden and perhaps have a chat with some residents when we get there ,BUT if you trust us (which you should cos we're so damn experienced in dressing up and drinking) we're thinking....flippers...we're thinking....snorkels....we're thinking...rubber rings......
SO if you have any of these things (and you don't mind hem getting (moderately-absolutely) wrecked then you should bring them with you *ANYONE STAYING AT LYDDON SHOULD BE WARNED-DRESSING UP GEAR IS ESSENTIAL, BRING ALL YOU CAN!!!*

as for the rest of the events we have planned.....well..we like to leave some things to the imagination :wink:

i think our last message sounded negative, don't be put off by anything bad in it, it was just the extremes, trust us, you'll laugh you'll cry, it'll change your lives!!!

so have you applied to be a subwarden? cos i thought theyd sorted all that? our friend Charlotte is going to be a subwarden so we are definately not anti-subwarden (this long as we don't have a repeat performance of ELLE)

Where you from anyhow?
and let us know what room you are in when you know. We are in 45 and 49
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I just went to your profile...Kirst, I'm doing Broadcast Journalism and I see that you're doing Communications. Is that a part of ICS?

Wow, sounds like lots of stuff to think about! I'm not much into the drinking scene to be honest, so no pub crawls for me. Plus my parents are dropping me off. I'm from the United States, Washington State to be exact, right up near the Canadian border. Which actually is funny because the drinking age here is 21, yet I will be able to drink before my friends who are two years older than me just by going to school in England. Or a 19 year old could just drive across the Canadian border one night, get a drink, and come home just like that. It makes the whole enforcement of the drinking age a bit silly to me. Anyway, that was random...

I'm very excited to meet everybody! I'm going to try for subwarden in my second year, so next Fall. I'm glad you guys aren't anti-subwarden.

O, and you didn't at all come off sounding negative in your last post! You sounded very friendly actually, it's very reassuring!

I'll be sure to let you know my room assignment once I get it. Should I find out what it is when I get word of which residence hall I'm in? I've been told by Leeds that I'm in the first pool of applicants for accomodation, so I should know by the end of this month. Almost there!

Could I ask you a favor? The pictures of Lyddon Hall of the Leeds website are great and all, but I still don't have any idea how large the rooms are. Do you happen to have any pictures of a standard room you'd be willing to share? It would be great to know before I get to the UK and I would really appreciate it!

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hey, my course is more design based than anything about communication really and i haven't met anyone doing broadcast journalism in my time in leeds so i dont think we're part of the same department.
you'll probably find out your room when you get your halls confirmation, the only reason keeley and myself know is because we had to reaply early because we're staying on.
the rooms in lyddon are all different sizes so it's hard to be able to tell you what to expect, if you're in the main hall all of the girls rooms are decent sizes (except for 45 which is tiny (i think it's that one)), keeleys room is pretty big and my room which was a standard main hall one last year was a good size with a sink, i llooooovvveeedddd iittttt, but unfortunately i have moved from that one because of some buliding work i heard was going to be happeneing and i'm not one to enjoy the sounds of drills in a morning!!!
the annex is different....there are some EXTREMELY MASSIVE rooms but contrasted greatly with some quite small ones. I know it's nicer to have a big room but really, it's what you do with it, you'll be able to buy some cheap stuff to decorate it when you get over here if you can't bring a lot on the plane, there's always a poster sale at the beggining of the year, they say you shouldn't put posters up but everyone does.
i'm not sure if i have any room pictures, i'll have a rummage and see for you.

so you say you're not a big drinker eh??? i think this may have to change my friend....kind of an english/university of our friends last year was from the us (boston to be precise) and soon found himself embracing england and it's love for drinking!!! don't worry, we'll organise noon-alcohol based events too!!! but just warning you...we will try our best to lead you's what we're for :wink:
so are you in england for you're entire time at uni? not just here for a year?
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i just looked through my photos and there aren't any really good ones of rooms.
are you on facebook?
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Ooo!! I just received my hall assignment and I'm excited beyond words!


Although I'm a bit confused. It says Lyddon 10 Springfield Mount. What on earth does it mean? I'm in room 9, by the way. Any ideas what my room is like?

I'm going to try a drink or two, but nothing habitual and I don't plan on getting wasted. When in England, do as the English an extent. I'm just not the drinking type. Sorry guys, I'm pretty steadfast in my ways. But I'd love to do the non-drinking activities! I was really excited to see that Lyddon is one of the halls that does a Christmas and Summer formal. It made me think that the hall is more of a community than just a place to live, and from what you both have said, it really is! That was something really important to me, so I'm glad that I can be a part of it!

I can't wait to meet you all in a few weeks! Only 47 days!

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i think that means you're in one of the annexes. i'll do some research...
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Hello!! I've just found out i'm in Lyddon as well... Lyddon Hall Annexe.. Room 111... I just wondered what are the annexe's!? Sounds stupid.. but is Lyddon seperated into bits then?! How many people are there in the Annexe's.. as I don't want to be all on my own! :s-smilie:... sorry for the Q's!! Cant wait to get there... took a two year gap so will be celebrating my 21st this year... so HUGE partying to be had!! cheers :smile: Erica xxxxxxxxxxx
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Accomodation has told me that I'm in an annex building, so that much I do know. I also know that it's 8.9 meters...what exactly that means, I haven't the slightest idea. Is that 8.9 square meters? Because that's an enormous room if it is! Also, I know it's a single bed, which is great because I didn't want a full incase the room was small.

Thank you SO much for doing some research for me! It's very difficult to go through this process without having seen anything; no campus visits, no accomodation open days, nothing. I appreciate the use of your eyes and ears on my behalf!

Hi Erica! I'm in an annex as well but I think we're in different buildings because I'm in room 09. I think that there is the main Lyddon building, and then I know that my building, 10 Springfield Mount, is across from Charles Morris and about five minutes from main Lyddon. As I've never been there, I really can't answer your questions very well but Keels and Kirst have been so great with everything so I'm sure that they can help you out!

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Just read what everyone else has put above... Otley run.. dressing up! Spot on... CANT wait for Lyddon.. i was soo worried i had made the wrong decision as I heard that Lyddon wasn't really known for being such a socialable hall.. but i'm completely reasurred... bring on getting drunk!! :biggrin: Can not wait!!!!!!! xxxx
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Hey Jen... sounds great.. I haven't had a chance to look round yet, even though I live so close to Leeds, have you joined the facebook group yet? Thats if you are on facebook? I assumed it was all one building on applying as it never said when applying.. hopefully as you said Kirst will be able to help me out :smile: xxxx
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I've not joined the Facebook group yet, no, but I need to! I do have a Facebook and I assume that you do as well. Could you send me the link to your profile?
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This is the link to my profile... if you add me, then you will see the Lyddon Hall group that i've joined on it! :smile: xxxxx
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If that doesn't work.. if you set up a profile on then search for me.. Erica Bennett... i'm in the Leeds network... then add me.. there are all the links to the Lyddon group there :smile: xxx
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I've officially joined the Lyddon group and added you.

Ok, this is a bit off topic, but any idea when we get our school e-mail addresses?
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My friend at Leeds last year got her's through a week or so before they started, so i'm guessing it will be the same! Are you excited for the big move to the UK? Where in the USA are you from? xxxx