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Lyddon Hall '07

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Try visiting the official Leeds Uni facebook group for Lyddon. It should answer any of your questions and be a chance to chat to all your future flat mates!

Lyddon Hall 07/08
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
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Already joined the Facebook group and am a VERY active poster. Everyone in Lyddon should join, our group is fantastic! Lyddon Hall is SO the place to be this year. Take a look and start meeting everyone, we're all super nice, I promise!

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So yeah, Lyddon Hall is pretty much the BEST accommodation the university has to offer. It feels like a family here, which is great fun to be a part of! We have two common rooms (one on the first floor of the main hall and one on the second floor), but the corridors and the staircases act as a third and fourth common room. We have corridor parties pretty often and when they close the common rooms at 11, we usually just end up on the stairs talking and having a good time. The dining room is no longer used as a dining room as we eat in the Refectory, so it's a TV room now (though it's not open quite yet because they're building a wall?) From the looks of it though, we've got a nice set-up when it does open up for use! There is a kitchen on the fourth floor and apparently one on the second or third floor but it's not open right now for some reason.

The part that sucks is that there are two annexe sections, Cromer Terrace and Springfield Mount, that you can end up in. If you apply for Lyddon, chances are you won't be in the main building as there are only 50 rooms available there. I was unlucky enough to end up in an annexe, Springfield Mount, and the only good thing about it is that we get free laundry over here.

The main hall rooms are all brilliant with the exception of like two. They're pretty large by uni accommodation standards, most have sinks, and it's more homey. Some of the rooms don't have shelves though, which has been a problem for some students. Other rooms have tiny wardrobes that are built into the wall so there's actually a reason to have a pile of clothes on the floor: there's nowhere else to put them! Pretty much all the girls rooms are brilliant though. The girls rooms are floors two and three with the guys floors being the first and fourth. The fourth floor rooms are more elongated with slanted ceilings, but they're still comfortable.

Cromer Terrace is hit and miss really. The rooms are newer and there are more kitchens, but some of the smallest rooms Lyddon has to offer are there. On the other hand, some of the largest rooms are also over there.

If you are assigned Lyddon Hall and it says anything about being in Springfield Mount, start talking with accommodation about it so that something can be done to change it. This will apply especially as an International student. I'm miserable where I'm at but there's nothing that accommodation can do now. Avoid being in my situation. My room is in the attic and smaller than the other rooms in the building that I've seen. I think I got the smallest room in my building actually, though I haven't seen a few of the guys rooms. I'm in 10 Springfield Mount, which is connected to 10a Springfield Mount. The guys are in 10a and the girls are in 10, with the exception of the room across from mine which belongs to a guy. Not sure how that worked out but whatever. The first floor is the kitchen. The second floor is where the front door is and leads to a corridor of girls (rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, plus the entrance to the 10a kitchen). The third floor is all girls (rooms 5, 6 and 7 plus the bathroom/showers). The fourth floor (room 8 and 9) is mixed.

So there's the layout of Lyddon Hall, basically. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me. If I don't know the answer to your question, I guarantee you that I know somebody who does.

~Jen xxx