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i'm doing a checklist for my year as we're all confused! Is this correct?
Population and Settlement
⃝ Strategies to influence natural population change within a country eg China or Singapore
⃝ International migration and it’s causes, consequences and management eg Poland to the UK
⃝ Migration within one country eg UK
⃝ Urban change and social, economic and environmental planning and the sustainability of urban
change eg Rio, Brazil
⃝ How retail service provisions change over time eg Cabot Circus
Natural Hazards
⃝ Tectonic hazard in an LEDC eg Haiti Earthquake
⃝ Tectonic hazard in an MEDC eg Mt St Helens
⃝ Climatic hazard in an LEDC eg Cyclone Aila
⃝ Climatic hazard in an MEDC eg Australian Drought
Economic Development
⃝ Aid project in an LEDC eg WaterAid in Mali
⃝ LEDC factors affecting location of industry eg Brazil
⃝ MEDC factors affecting location of industry eg M4 corridor
⃝ MNC investment in an area in an international context eg Walmart
⃝ Specific development with conflicts between economic development and environmental damage eg Pearl River Data

My teacher said we need an example of sustainable settlements for pop and settlement but nowhere else says we do?!

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