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    do guys shaves their pubes.If a guy doesn't shave their armpit hair does that mean they don't shave their pubes.Do most men shave their pubes
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    I know you said guys only and I'm not a guy😬 But you don't really need to bother about shaving, keep trimmed and under control if necessary but girls aren't bothered if guys have pubes it makes them more "manly" 😉

    I shaved shaved my pubic hair for years. I don't remove all the hair completely but leave a narrow strip above my ****, similar to a Brazilian. My wife says this stimulates her clitoris during intercourse. I found that shaving my scrotum is the most difficult area, however, I have very sensitive nipples and by stimulating them I get a really hard erection. This in turn tightens the scrotal skin and makes it easier to shave clean of hair. Nipple clamps give the same effect but give a much harder erection. I use shaving oil in the shower along with a Gillette Fusion razor. A light dusting of talc give that reallyt smooth feel to my pubes.
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    My boyfriend keeps his trimmed because he likes to be more "clean" and I don't like unruly hairs (I shave for him) and no one wants a pube in their mouth!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    My boyfriend keeps his trimmed because he likes to be more "clean" and I don't like unruly hairs (I shave for him) and no one wants a pube in their mouth!
    What's pubes???

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    Some do, some dont it's personal preference isn't it. And no they aren't mutually exclusive.

    Personally I know several guys who shave their pits. I have never asked about genital grooming though and I didn't try to look in the locker room however i've heard tell of people doing it. It's more common than pits anyway.

    Personally I just trim it down otherwise i just end up with razor burn which is a MASSIVE pain in the arse itchy and unsightly.

    a few facts for and against shaving though
    -It can make it appear larger
    -less unsightly than a massive bush
    -you wont find stray pubes around..
    -It serves as a cusion for the skin against friction etc.
    -it irritates the hair folicle and leaves tiny wounds
    -some say it helps protect against dirt/bacteria like nasal hair and indeed body hair [numerous doctors have attested that shaving prior to surgery increases the chance of infection]
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