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Bikers have to pass a full riding practical and theory test to advance from provisional to A2. Then to progress to full power have to pass a second full practical riding test. Car drivers are not limited to certain powers after passing a test, why should bikers be?

Make A2 motorcycle licence automatically upgrade to full licence after 2 years

Bikers have to initially take a CBT costing around £120 - which expires within after 2 years and has to be retook. This allows riders to ride up to 125cc which is mostly a scooter/moped. While displaying L plates.

After turning 19 you can take your A2 motorcycle test which allows you to ride up to 300cc. All together the tests add up to about £100. Including bike hire and insurance and lessons this will be an excess of £500.

After 2 years, you can take another test to allow you to ride motorcycles of more power than 300cc. The cost again for this test will usually be in excess of £300.

Only after the age of 24 can you directly pass a A1 motorcycle which will allow you to ride any motorcycle.

The majority of bikers believe this is to riders who have passed their A2 licence and are experienced. The government does not take into account the real expenditure to keep having to upgrade your licence. We believe after passing the a2 licence, after two years you should be automatically upgraded with a full licence as their is little point in repeating the exact same test with a heavier bike.

Or in worst case scenario the government should remove test fees for upgrading your licence as we have paid for an initial test, should we pass why do we have to pay for further testing to allow us to continue to ride.

Please help us If you agree by signing the petition above and asking others to do so aswell, thank you

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