Unsure about writing my personal statement

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Hey! I wonder if anyone can help. I'm doing my AS levels (Geography Literature Business and Sociology), and my future career is to become a pilot. I'm looking to apply for a 'Aerospace Technology with pilot studies/Air Transport with pilot studies' degree, seeing as some universities offer this without an a level in maths and physics or an Aviation Management, but i'm not too sure how to write my personal statement.

Considering i haven't done Maths and Physics, i'm pretty sure i can't really write about any form of engineering... But i'm just not sure what to include, as my teacher is not very helpful and didn't assist my form class much at all with laying it out.

Seeing as i'm unsure what degree to do (pilot or aviation management) i'm not so sure what i should base my personal statement on. This is all very unclear, i'm not sure how or what i need help with, but if anyone is able to assist me with what sort of information i need to include, that would be great thank you!

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Here are a few things I used. I don't know 100% what to suggest but since you aren't sure you should find as much common ground between the two subjects and focus your statement on these areas so it's as generic but applicable as possible. Since you don't have Maths and Physics you need to drive home your determination and passion for piloting, but not to the point where it becomes a personal plea rather than statement.

When I was writing my PS for Journalism I didn't have much work experience, but remembered I actually worked on and later ran several writing-based websites in the past, so I basically transferred the jobs I did there into a journalistic role. It tells them I'm an active writer as well as a responsible person when it comes to managing things, which is a beneficial trait for them if I go to study there -- which is also something they want to know about: what can I do for them?

You should consider anything aviation-based you've done, such as research or time with the Air Cadets or RAF (if applicable), and see if you have anything to work with. If you plan on doing anything with these groups or in these areas mention those as well so they know you're actively working towards it. If you haven't had any work experience or tutelage I strongly recommend you find some because it's quite valuable.

Hit me up if you need a proofreader.
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Please don't send your PS to anyone over the internet, as plagiarism is very real and you cannot control what happens to it after you've sent it to someone.

Not knowing anything about those courses, I don't know if there is much overlap, but you need to be very careful when applying for two different names - as unis will be expecting you to say something along the lines of 'I am interested in X because...' and if 'X' is too different, then it will make you look like you aren't committed.

As for what to include, look at the links in my signature below, including the PS builder, which talks you through the process, although I would hold off on writing it until the summer holidays, as a lot can change between now and then

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