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    In a dark world, Nora Hale could feel the cold breeze kissing her cheek. Her eyes were struggling to open but they slowly blossomed and instantly looked horrified. The taste of dampness and salt pierced her tongue. Her eyes wondered and she immediately jumped up from her sleep to find herself deserted in a forest? She could see dark trees standing like soldiers. Her ears sensed faint gushes of wind and leaves rattling across the soil. Whispers from the distance became louder. Words became indistinct. A gun had been fired not too far from where she was stood upright. Her body shivered chaotically for a moment until her body regained its warmth.

    Gradually, she began to steady her pace as her footsteps amplified a scrunching sound of branches and leaves. Nora ambled her way through the forest and caught a glimpse. She saw corpses and - lots of corpses but further away, her eyes targeted a silhouette that was so imperceptible that she questioned herself as to whether she was delirious and so she continued her investigation as she examined a body close to her feet. Fatal head injury, hands concealed by ashes, a terminal wound to the stomach. She swiftly elevated her head towards the silhouette she has just discovered and made her way in vicinity of that thing. She felt as though she was being compelled to reach towards it, her feet moved without her discretion and as she drew closer, she realised it was a boy and her mind leisurely began to reminisce the boy's identity: Dark curly hair, small round glasses, rosy cheeks, a birthmark adjacent to his ear...


    and just then did Simon and their surroundings vastly start to fade away in to the thin white smog that Nora had not noticed become closer to her sight; it all went rapidly dark.

    by then she woke up, gasping for a cold breath,her heart beat racing. Desperation filled her lungs as her shortage of breaths became uneven. Her body retaliated from commands of movement but somehow she got up and was not fully awake until she rubbed her eyes with her index finger. Three footsteps later, her heart sank as her eyes slowly analysed the room. It was empty. The plain white walls made her viciously turn at every corner, she must of been hallucinating . Then, as she approached the closet, a clean pair of cargo pants and a silk black top hanged motionless and attached to it was a note. The handwriting seemed familiar,

    What on earth is going on, Nora thought as she dropped the clothes on the icy wooden floors and sprinted nervously for the door, trying the handle but it would not open. Damnit, she was stuck. Her mind wondered, attaching profiles and indications as to who could of done this but then her memory punched right back as she remember clearly what had happened two nights ago. How could she of been so oblivious?

    He was here.

    He caught her when she was so clueless and stubborn. Simon was right and she was exactly how he wanted her to be: his hostage, his key, his source to all the blue prints in Quantico.

    Everyone's life depended on her and she failed miserably. She fell to the ground and held her knees against her wildly beating chest and swayed until her mind calmed down. Suddenly, she raised her head gracefully towards the ceiling and at the corner of her eye, she could see a dark red dot flashing. Her eyes darted straight at the camera. He was watching her. Her eyes were focused heavy on the camera as she got up and calmly made her way to the corner of the room. She stared right through it, into his eyes.

    She was stuck! and she could not believe she was so mistaken and imprecise about this case.

    oh Simon, where are you?...............

    *My submission for the Short Story Competition*
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