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Feel like I momentarily turned into crazy girlfriend! watch

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    Been with my current boyfriend nearly 6 months now, we are very much in love with each other and can easily see myself spending the rest of our lives together.

    I recently found out the name of his most recent ex-girlfriend, just by accident, no interrogation or anything. After that I decided to do the bad thing and go on a Facebook stalk. I found a few photos of them from around a year and a half together and they both look so happy, his ex was very pretty. As soon as I saw it, I threw my phone to end of the bed and cried... which is extremely unlike me, I have very rarely got emotional so far during the duration of our relationship.

    He said before he has absolutely no feelings for any of his ex-girlfriends and I'm the first girlfriend he has done a lot for (bought flowers, gone on holiday with etc) but I still had that horrible stomach drop feeling of thinking of him with another girl.

    I think the only benefit is that I've learnt to appreciate him a lot more now I've seen him with another girl.

    Was I overreacting and how do I forget about it and stop thinking about him with her?


    Aww I think that it is lovely that you guys are in love. And NO you weren't over reacting at all, if anything I would've done a lot worse. Maybe you could tell your boyfriend what had happened and then tell him because of this you appreciate him a lot more, and that you no longer take him for granted. That's what I would do. Just tell him, who knows maybe he'll understand. But what's the worst that could happen. You claim that you are in love, there are a lot of obstacles to get through in love. And if he loves you, like you love him then something this small shouldn't matter. Talking about it and clearing the air might make it easier for you and for him to understand how much you love him.

    Good Luck

    You can't change the past; although it's hard to think of it this way sometimes, if he didn't love you he wouldn't be with you.

    Do not stalk other people's Facebook. If you go through their Facebook again, you'll feel like this all over again. The best thing to do is to talk it over with him and explain how you feel - communication is key in a relationship. If he loves you, he'll talk with you and help you to understand how much he loves you, and he'll try to understand how you felt too.

    I think its good practice to delve as little as possible in to your partner's exes or sexual history. It almost always generates jealousy.

    I get like that but have the bizarre double standards of feeling bad thinking about my girlfriend being with another guy for a time in the past when a) I didn't know her and b) I was with someone else, but it still makes me feel intensely jealous that she was with him.

    I think we all fear deep down that we are somehow not up to scratch to our partners' previous relationships but there was always a reason why they split up.
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