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I've been going through past exam papers and a lot of the questions ask for a 'named local case study'. We haven't done this in class, so could anyone please give me their notes for the ones they have? Thanks in advance
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These are the case studies that I will be using:

London flood/tidal surge (though you could use the recent Lake District floods if you prefer)
-caused by extreme low pressure in the North Sea OR sea level rise
- £80 billion worth of property under threat
- approx 120 thousand new home have been built in the Thames gateway area, 13/14 of which are under danger of flooding.
- the seat of government lays directly on the bank - very high risk area
- the city has a vast amount of Tarmac which means it is very difficult for water to drain away
- the barriers on the eastern funnels the sea surges directly towards the capital
- areas such as 'the strand' were one beaches but have been reclaimed and are now very densely populated
- public transport systems such as city airport or the underground would be unusable (eg Embankment station is right on the river's bank so it would be very badly flooded)

Paris 2003 heatwave
- in a period of 6 weeks 15 thousand died in Paris alone
- 3000 died on 'black Monday' alone
- many deaths were of the elderly who were left alone while family was on holiday
- refrigerated warehouses were used to store the bodies
- France now expects heatwaves every 7 years after 2050 due to El Niño
- a major cause was roof materials absorbing lots of the heat, creating an urban heat island, green roofs are now being encouraged and stricter building regulations have been made.

Mumbai monsoon 2005 (you might want to add some more info to this one)
- 1 meter of rain
- the most densely populated city
- mangroves and swamps were the natural drainage system but over 90% has been reclaimed and built on
- only 5 thousand acres of mangroves now left
- many roads under water for over 24 hours
- mithi river had lots of toxic waste and sewage which was then spread across Mumbai when it flooded

Tuvalu sea level rise / injustice of global warming
- highest point just 3m
- small island, just 10 square miles
- water erodes the islands foundations and bubbles up through the porous coral
- this causes the salt water to ruin the crops and makes the ground water undrinkable
- now floods every month
- many of the 11,000 residents will be relocated to New Zealand

Shanghai typhoons
- now has a longer rain season due to GW
- many densely populated areas with vulnerable people are around rivers
- just 4m above sea level
- an increase in summer temperatures will increase the surface temperature of the water, creating more typhoons
- a 20cm sea level rise in the next century will make the area even more vulnerable

I hope at least some of this information is helpful to you, good luck with your exams!

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