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Im currently on a gap year and i have received offers from Birmingham (Maths), Leeds (Maths), Edinburgh (Applied Maths), Exeter (Mathematical Sciences) and Bristol (Engineering Maths). I am currently trying to decide between Bristol and Edinburgh, I'm pretty sure that I will firm Bristol but does anyone have any information about either of the Bristol or Edinburgh courses/the unis? Thanks
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Hi, I would recommend doing some in-depth reading around which kind of mathematics interests you regarding course choice. The reason I stress this is that because you may find when you reach university that some modules are less interesting than others, or the methods behind the course rather. For example, Applied maths and Engineering mathematics, though have similarities in the types of mathematics used, numerical methods, computer aided design, partial differential equations. Depending on your career choice, becoming accredited with the relevant body is important in industry less than it is within academia. For example, if you wish to become a chartered engineer, there are a list of accredited engineering courses and routes to becoming chartered. Coming from a mathematics background without the relevant degree, you may have to take an alternative route for which you become a integrated engineer; in some careers this may be the difference between pay scales. Ideally, if you could find a course which you can be accredited by both bodies than you cover both grounds but than limit the exposure to one of the fields, for example doing a combined honours in Maths & Engineering, so it is more so about what you want to achieve and the future, which is a lot to think about at that age, I certainly didn't.

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