Home and Away *Spoilers*

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(Original post by bansheeee*)
i love home and away and have been watching it nearly everyday for the past 2 months ... but i still dont kno anyones names!! altho what happened that person with the OCD?
she's called april, the one with OCD. she's getting help from a counciller at the moment so she's accepted that she has a problem and is trying to get it sorted out!!
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(Original post by mssmuppet)
Im in australia at the moment so i know its a bit ahead of back home but im only just catchin up on it now, havnt saw it in months. Whats happening back home now?
weird guy stalked indi, she got scared and rang romeo and he came to her rescue, wants to get back with her but got warned to back off by sid, then indi came over to his going to rekindle their relationship together but he rejected her coz of what sid said.

nicole had the baby with the help of angelo as they were stranded on a beach and gave it to marilyn but is now having issues of accepting that its not her child anymore. she kept running away from going to see the baby but roo finally convinced her to go and see the baby and she did and then the baby stopped crying when nicole held him so now marilyn feels bad and thinks that she (marilyn) is a bad mother.

elijah got beaten up by some guy who thought he was making a move on him and was sent to hospital and when he came out he stayed at mile's place. miles went over to leah and confessed his feelings for her.

romeo's boat business is picking up but not doing as well as he was hoping.

liam got dropped from his record company so got depressed and took some drugs and bianca got really angry but is trying to help him through it.

charlie and brax are still sleeping with each other secretly but ruby is trying to set charlie up with someone else because she thinks that if charlie is happy in a relationship, she'll get off ruby's and kasey's back.

i think thats about it!

oh and also collen is still ****ing annoying. i hope her character dies soon

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