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Home and Away *Spoilers* watch


    On a side note about Belle - she is actually related in some way to none other than Mischa Barton of The O.C! :eek:

    And I do think there is a resemblance there as well!

    That is one hell of a good storyline!!!! :eek:

    I havent heard anything about this belle person; please tell me more! And how old is she meant to be cos that spoiler (bottom one of page 50) would need some planning by the scriptwriters age wise wouldnt it?

    I have alot of stuff for ye this week!!!
    And Welcome to belle_27!!!!

    What Happened from January 30 to February 3 (Episodes 4116-4120)
    When Tasha wakes up feeling groggy and with a blinding headache, Jonah feels guilty that he has taken sexual advantage of her. Mumma Rose is pleased with Jonah: everything’s going to plan. Robbie starts to suspect Josh’s dodgy side when he’s sent on a ‘job’ to deliver a package.
    Martha’s suspicions are borne out: Rebecca is being held a prisoner on The Farm and she risks her life to get help. Mumma Rose intervenes and Martha lies unconscious in a shed…
    Jack takes Jonah in for questioning on suspicion of kidnapping.
    After Graham signs the post-nuptial papers, Amanda is now worried Graham will catch her out with Josh.
    At the police station, Martha tells Tasha she was also drugged by The Believers. Tasha won’t believe it! Jonah later asks Josh to arrange that Martha’s blood test reads ‘negative’.
    Things are looking grim for Flynn. Sally breaks down when Alf calls in.
    Belle makes things difficult for Ric after he offers to hide her in his bedroom.
    Kim bares his soul when he serenades Rachel. She knows they are playing with fire.
    Flynn has only hours to live…

    What Happened from February 6 to February 10 (Episodes 4121-4125)
    On his deathbed, Flynn asks to see the kids to say goodbye. Cassie breaks down as she hugs Flynn. Ric tells his ‘Dad’ how much he loves him.
    Alf says goodbye to his old mate. Sally and Flynn cherish their final moments together.
    Four days later, family and friends gather to say goodbye to their beloved Flynn. That evening when Sally goes to the beach to scatter Flynn’s ashes, she turns to see her friends of Summer Bay in a candle lit vigil to Flynn.
    On discovering the shrine to her in Mumma Rose’s tent, Tasha knows everything her friends warned her against The Believers is true!
    Rachel is disturbed by the senior Dr Helpman’s inappropriate suggestion, while Beth and Tony announce they are moving in together.
    Tasha pleads with Jonah to help her escape. When she is recaptured, Jonah is powerless to help.
    Graham discovers Amanda’s illicit affair and demands a divorce.
    Sally watches the video of Flynn’s message to her. For the first time since his death, Sally is able to cry…

    What Happened from February 13 to February 17 (Episodes 4126-4130)
    Kim convinces Robbie to go camping and they meet some girls… One of them is Kit, the other Jane. As the evening progresses, Robbie and Jane end up kissing.
    Graham collapses with a heart attack and is in a coma on life-support. The family has to decide what is best for Graham. But if he dies within three months of the post-nuptial, Amanda won’t get a thing!
    Beth is surprised at Amanda now wanting to keep Graham alive. Robbie figures out it’s because of the post-nuptial. Morag hands Amanda a writ – the family is going to court over this!
    Behind the scenes, Josh has arranged for the Judge to acquit Amanda.
    Tasha wakes up, locked in a shed. Her foot has been tattooed with numbers. She starts a fire, not realising there’s kerosene in the shed. Tasha screams for her life…
    Jonah saves Tasha from the flames and she convinces him his mother has too much power over him.
    Ric and Cassie have a hard day at school after Flynn’s death. Ric can’t handle the whispers any longer: he wants to leave school. More bad news, Ric’s exam cheating has been found out.
    Alf arrives at Sally’s door. He will stay as long as she needs his help.
    Dan overhears Leah and Peter. He is stunned…
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    What Happened from February 27 to March 3 (Episodes 4131-4135)
    Dan and Leah have a heated argument over Peter. Leah tries to explain the situation, but Dan won’t listen. He goes to Amanda’s to spend some time with Ryan.
    Peter calls on Leah and she accuses him of breaking Dan’s trust in her. As Peter comforts Leah, Dan walks in. The brothers fight and Peter is knocked to the ground. Will Dan give Leah a second chance?
    Ric faces the consequences of having cheated in his exam. He says he cheated because he didn’t want to let Flynn down. Sally points out that Cassie was under the same pressure. Morag pulls strings for Ric to re-sit the exam at another high school. Ric tells everyone he is not going back to school. Leah and Dan are having a heated argument when Leah collapses. Dan rushes to her side as she lies lifeless. Has he caused this? At the hospital they are given some devastating news – their baby is dead.
    At The Farm, Jonah is dumped in the tent after his ‘punishment’ Tasha is distressed to see him, but is chained and can’t help him. Rebecca brings them food with a note: she will help them escape!
    That night, Rebecca tells them the coast is clear and Jonah, Tasha and Rebecca make a dash for the gate. The girls hear a yell, and turn to see Jonah being dragged back to camp. Rebecca pleads with Tasha to keep going, but she turns back…
    Tensions are high at the Police Station as Jack becomes more and more suspicious of Peter’s surveillance activities. On Rebecca’s tip-off, Jack and Peter race to the farm. Tasha and Jonah are saved. The Believers are rounded up and taken in for questioning. At the hospital, Tasha tells all her loved ones, especially Robbie, how sorry she is for the hurt she has caused them in not believing their warnings.
    Alf’s fraud trial begins and Morag suspects the Judge is corrupt. There is outrage in the court as the Judge pronounces Alf guilty of fraud. He’s sentenced to nine months in prison!
    Rachel is nominated for a prestigious medical award by Dr Helpmann. Rachel has mixed feelings, as it means she will be more indebted to him and they will have to spend time together preparing her lecture.
    When Dr Helpman comes to Rachel’s place that night he is glad to hear they are alone. When he moves in to kiss her, Rachel gives him the brush off, but feels she is in a dreadful predicament.
    Josh is jubilant after the court hearing. But Amanda is shocked to hear of Alf’s jail sentence. Beth calls on Amanda to get some things for her father, and they are busted. Josh comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel!
    The thought of her father being kept alive on life-support distresses Beth, Tony convinces Beth and her family they can’t play God. Beth visits Graham in hospital and she tells her Dad how much she loves him. When she returns home, Tony takes a call. Graham’s life support system has been turned off. He’s gone…

    What Happened from March 6 to March 10 (Episodes 4136-4140)
    Robbie is the one who switched off Grahame’s life support! The Hunter family is under suspicion and all are interrogated at the station by Jack and Peter
    Beth is devastated to think that Tony would suspect her of turning off the life support. The stress on the family is intolerable. Matilda is comforted by Lucas as Robbie watches on, feeling so bad.
    The ‘grieving’ widow Amanda is dressed for the funeral and has prepared for the wake to be held in her apartment. At the graveside, Robbie is haunted by the thought of what he has done. Can he forgive himself?
    Beth’s wake for her father is interrupted by Amanda appearing, carrying a picture of Graham. All show their contempt for Amanda and she is promptly thrown out of the house by Beth.
    Tony and Beth have a heart to heart and Beth admits to Tony she did have the thought about turning off the life support, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Tony comforts her as she sobs in his arms.
    The Hunter family is outraged at the reading of Graham’s will. Amanda has done something tricky again!.
    Tasha finds Robbie on the beach, overcome with grief, guilt and anger. Now Amanda has all of grandpa’s money anyway! Later Robbie meets Josh and accuses him of being behind it all.
    Tony appeals to Amanda to understand how Beth feels at the loss of her father and the meaning of Graham’s war medals to her. She relents and has the medals sent to Beth in an unmarked package.
    Leah and Dan acknowledge the breakdown of their marriage. Leah tells Irene there have been so many issues : the gambling, Dan’s lies, her feelings for Peter and the death of the baby.
    Jack catches out Peter when he finds him lying again. Now he is even more suspicious…
    When Dr Helpman moves in on Rachel again, she is adamant she’s not interested and tells him to stop. Later that day Rachel learns she didn’t get a good recommendation from Dr Helpman. The award has gone to someone else…
    Colleen puts her foot in it again when she mentions Dan’s gambling problems were the cause of their marriage break up.
    Kim is furious when Rachel tells him about Dr Helpman and the bad assessment he gave her. He urges her to report him to the hospital CEO. She is reluctant, fearing it will make matters worse. Rachel gives Kim a hug before they part. Hyde confronts Kim and reminds him that Rachel’s career is at stake…
    When Jack investigates for himself what Peter is up to, he’s knocked out cold and Peter is seen holding an iron bar in his hand…

    What Happened from March 13 to March 17 (Episodes 4141-4145)
    When Jack wakes up in hospital, he’s told that Peter is the one who found him. What’s Peter playing at?
    The residents of Summer Bay are outraged when Amanda is to present the official launch of Project 56. So Amanda is involved with Josh and the Tiverson Company! Leah and others have received letters from Tiverson to buy up their houses, they have no choice in the matter. Josh has rorted them all. Project 56 is building a bridge which will by-pass Summer Bay and a freeway’s to run right through the town!
    Robbie calls on his ‘hacker’ mate to find out some dirt on Josh – something that will show Josh, as Mayor, is financially gaining from the Project. But no go. Hours later, the ‘hacker’ rings Robbie and Kit: some dirt on Amanda!!
    As Amanda is giving her presentation to all at the Surf Club, there is outrage at the proposed plan: a plaque bearing the name: ‘Graham Walters Memorial Bridge’. As the lights are dimmed for Amanda’s PowerPoint presentation, there is shock: the only pictures displayed are of a naked Amanda! Amanda suspects Kit and is out for revenge.
    Amanda goes to the papers and declares Kit to be an obsessed alcoholic who has ruined the launch of Project 56. Kit finds Josh with another woman and smiles to herself. Sweet revenge. Kit goes to Amanda and reveals all, playing on Amanda’s insecurities.
    Kim makes Rachel promise she’ll visit him at home. When they get together at the Beach House, the sparks are flying between these two!!
    Dr Helpman humiliates and bullies Rachel in front of others. She ;later confronts him and tells him she feels forced to report his inappropriate behaviour. Helpman fires back that he can also report her for her relationship with Kim. Rachel is speechless. Helpman whispers there’s only one solution: to sleep with him and her secret is safe!
    Ric is humiliated on his first day of work. He feels Cassie hasn’t been of much support to him lately. He confides in Belle, who gets the wrong message and leans in for a kiss. Cassie suddenly appears…
    Sally and Dan have been spending some time together and Leah is becoming increasingly annoyed, and slightly jealous.
    Belle is attempting to break into a car to rummage for money and is busted by Irene, who decides not to lay charges. She later suggests that Belle come and live at the Beach House.
    Robbie and Tasha are reconciled and Robbie proposes on bended knee…this time for a real wedding…
    What Happened from March 20 to March 24 (Episodes 4146-4150)
    Helpmann continues to bully and harass poor Rachel – and Kim wants to kill the guy!
    Beth and Irene throw an engagement party for Tasha and Robbie, but it turns into a wedding party! Robbie’s secretly arranged it all – Tasha arrives in a boat, looking ravishing and a celebrant is there to perform the ceremony. Rose petals shower the happy couple.
    Belle is causing trouble: she’s a terrible flirt…who will she go for next?
    After fainting at the wedding party, Tasha is pregnant! It seems Jonah’s the father. Robbie heads off to the jail to confront Jonah and learns from Charity that Josh West paid off people in ‘high places’ to protect The Believers. So he’s responsible for Tasha’s predicament!
    Rachel decides she can’t live without Kim. She’ll go to the Board and report Helpman’s harassment and hostility to her. Despite having saved the life of Helpman’s son from drowning, he is still out to get revenge on Rachel.
    Rachel is suspended for breach of conduct for being with a patient.
    Robbie and Tasha have some tortuous moments – Tasha doesn’t know if she can go through with the pregnancy. Robbie promises to be by her side, whether she has the baby or not.
    Josh gets some hate mail: ‘You are dead! Is this from Amanda?
    Sally finds the tickets she’d bought for Flynn to go to Italy. She puts the spare ticket into the pocket of what she thinks is Leah’s apron. Colleen comes in beaming about the trip…she’d love to go!
    Irene invites Belle to stay long term and tells her she’s helped lots of kids out in times of need. Belle shows Irene the photo of the woman she is looking for: her real mum.
    Josh makes a subtle threat to Amanda about Ryan. Later that day a brick flies through the window, dangerously close to Ryan. Amanda is rattled. When a car almost swipes Amanda and Ryan off the road, Amanda decides to get protection: she buys a gun.
    After Josh’s heavies threaten her, Amanda marches into Josh’s office armed with a gun and tells him never to mess with her again! Josh undermines her bravado and she drops the gun.
    Sally, Colleen and baby Pippa head to Italy!!
    Amanda tells Beth she wants out of Project 56, but there’s no way out.
    As Josh looks over his stolen files, there’s a knock at the door. The dead body of Josh West is left lying on the floor.

    What Happened from March 27 to March 31 (Episodes 4151-4155)
    Josh is dead. The killer retrieves Morag’s confidential file.
    With boos from the crowd of protesters, Amanda is about to cut the ribbon to launch the construction of Project 56. Morag races up with a letter in her hand. She has proof that Josh is linked to Tiverson, so Project 56 is illegal!
    At the same time, Jack receives a phone call…Josh West is dead!
    Jack and Peter question Morag, then call in Ric, who stumbles in his interrogation. Peter is alerted that Amanda will now get Tiverson shares worth four million dollars – so she’s under suspicion big time! Amanda flees the Bay.
    It seems Ric and Cassie’s relationship is over!
    More residents of the Bay become suspects. Dan is pulled in for questioning. Martha’s questioned, while Ric hides his guilt over the magazine cut-out letter to Josh.
    Amanda is stopped from fleeing the country by Peter and Jack and taken in for questioning. Evidence turns up to prove she is innocent. But the killer is still out there!
    Belle is the one who framed Amanda by putting the magazines in her bin. When Ric sees Martha is under suspicion, he announces he’s responsible for the death threat!
    Rachel and Kim are in love. She plans a romantic dinner for two, Kim stays over. In the morning, Hyde knocks on the door – their secret is out. Hyde spits his dummy. Kim tell his father Rachel is the one for him – if his father can’t accept that, well, his father’s out of his life.
    Hyde calls on Rachel to apologise. His concern has only been that Kim could be hurt again – and there’s an age difference! Hyde invites Kim and Rachel to join him for a drink.
    Tasha and Robbie announce they are having a baby. Everyone’s elated, but Tasha aches for Robbie having to put on a brave front.

    What Happened from April 3 to April 7 (Episodes 4156-4160)
    When the Council’s security tapes show Tasha in Josh’s office, Peter and Jack confront her with it. Tasha covers with the story that Josh was threatening Robbie, and swears she didn’t kill Josh.
    Robbie races to the police station and admits to killing Josh, to protect Tasha from going to prison. Jack doesn’t believe Robbie’s story. A distraught Tasha races to the station and tells Peter she’s the one who fired the gun.
    A gun is found, but it’s not the gun that fired the bullet into Josh’s body.
    Who is the killer?
    Morag’s under suspicion. Peter finds incriminating evidence.
    A confused and hurt Leah sees Dan and Amanda kissing. When they meet later walking on the beach, Leah realizes she’s still in love with Dan.
    Ric finds Belle in tears – her adoptive parents don’t want her back. Belle shows Ric the letters from her birth mother and there’s a name K. Landsdowne which gives Belle a clue.
    Matilda convinces the down-at-heart Cassie to join a boxing class. When asked to visualize someone to hit, Cassie is punching like a champion!
    Belle tries to hitch a ride. When she sees Hyde leaving his car with the engine running, she jumps in and drives off, intent on finding her birth mother before she leaves the country.
    Belle can hardly drive and Ric gets Jack and Martha to drive him to catch her up. Belle almost crashes into another car. The driver of the other car is Martha’s brother Macca and he’s on his way into town for her birthday.
    Hyde doesn’t press charges against Belle. That night Belle is packing her bags, intent on still searching for her real mother. Ric goes with her to a certain address, but the woman denies knowing anything about Belle or her mother.
    At Martha’s birthday party, Macca is a real hit and charms everyone. He’s immediately attracted to Cassie.
    Amanda insists Dan comes and stays with her and Ryan. But Dan is confused about Leah…

    What Happened from April 10 to April 14 (Episodes 4161-4165)
    While Martha’s birthday party is in full swing, Ric and Belle are locked in a passionate embrace in Irene’s house – they’re busted by Barry and Irene.
    Everyone’s at the party, including Colleen, just returned from Italy. The chemistry between Macca and Cassie is evident. Tony finally ushers the drunken bunch out – Jack throws his arm around his father. It’s the end of an era, with his father moving in with Beth tomorrow.
    Hyde tells everyone they saw Ric and Belle together. Cassie is hurt, but is determined not to show it.
    After an argument with Leah, Dan falls into Amanda’s preying arms. Later, a guilty Dan tells her he’s made a mistake. Amanda is heartbroken.
    Jack and Kim are busy getting their bachelor pad fixed up. Cassie, Martha and Rachel come to give a helping hand. Martha, knowing her brother’s track record, confronts Macca about doing the right thing by Cassie.
    Amanda leaves a note for Dan. She and Ryan have left the Bay for good.
    Belle and Ric meet a woman who is Belle’s grandmother, Kitty. Kitty tells Belle her mother is dead, and there are no photos. Kitty later admits to her housekeeper she had to hide the identity of Belle’s mother, her daughter who is...Amanda!
    Morag and Martha visit Alf in prison to try and cheer him up, but Alf is deflated by the news the appeal is taking longer than expected. Alf is later framed in an escape bid. There goes his appeal!
    Martha is beginning to think her brother has matured and is changing his bad ways: he seems smitten with Cassie.
    Morag gets news there is evidence to prove the judge in Alf’s case was corrupt and was paid off by Josh West. Morag’s hopes are short-lived when Alf is being questioned about the escape bid. Davey, the kid Alf was mentoring, feels guilty that Alf is taking the rap and clears Alf of any involvement in the escape bid. Alf is a free man!
    Robbie desperately tries to finish an assignment. With his marriage and Tasha’s pregnancy, his studies have been a bit neglected. Colleen makes matters worse by saying the wrong thing. Hours later, still at his computer, Robbie is stressing. Then his computer shuts down and he’s lost the whole assignment! He cracks. It’s all Tasha’s fault – if she’d listened to him about the Believers, he wouldn’t be in this mess.
    Tasha overhears and is distraught. After gentle advice from both Beth and Tony, Robbie and Tasha come together and vow they’ll weather the storm and will always be open and honest with each other.
    It’s evident Alf is haunted by his time in prison. Morag is sympathetic to her brother.

    What Happened from April 17 to April 21 (Episodes 4166-4170)
    Alf’s a free man, but haunted by the shame of his prison ordeal, becomes anti-social.
    Morag’s contact, Bob, has the photos implicating Josh West’s murderer – but Morag will have to help him leave the country before he’ll give her the photos. She makes a deal to meet him, but it seems the killer’s struck again…Bob’s broken watch, and blood splattered on the ground near a cliff are found by Peter.
    Cassie, Macca, Lucas and Matilda are walking through the bush, collecting leaves for Cassie’s school assignment. When Macca pulls Cassie aside to kiss her, they tumble to the ground and Cassie lands on something on the ground. It’s a gun: the murder weapon!
    Morag breaks down in tears as she realizes she has messed up – the killer is still at large, thanks to her interference. In the morning, she leaves Summer Bay…will she return?
    Dan is with Amanda, but is confused about his feelings for Leah. Leah goes on a date with Hugh, but is still thinking of Dan. When Hugh and Leah kiss, Dan walks in...it’s a knife through his heart.
    Peter knows it’s his hair in the blood found at the cliff, but the fingerprints on the murder weapon point to Martha! At the station Martha explains that it’s her gun: she had it to protect herself from Corey. It was stolen from her ute. Jack’s suspended for not reporting her unregistered gun.
    Sally and Pippa return from Italy and Alf fills her in on the latest: Ric and Cassie’s break-up, Martha’s brother Macca is staying and Josh West’s murder. Sally is stunned to see Cassie tipsy, with Macca in tow. Cassie is furious that Sally and Martha ask Macca to move out.
    When a very hung-over Dan falls asleep while minding VJ he wakes to find VJ unconscious on the floor. At the hospital, Leah is hysterical with grief and anger at Dan.
    Ric’s first day at his new apprenticeship doesn’t go well. On his second day, a hot bolt is ‘accidentally’ dropped down his collar. Can Ric stand up to bullying?
    After being rejected for employment by the hospital board, Rachel is called in again: she has a job as Junior Registrar in the Emergency Department. The Director of Emergency turns out to be Rachel’s father Robert!
    Sally is upset at the change in Cassie’s attitude since meeting Macca. Macca has moved in to Jack and Kim’s place, but Jack is a bit wary of Macca, there’s something about the guy...
    Macca talks to Kim, who reassures Macca it’s all right for him to stay. Just then, a phone call and Kim answers. He goes pale: there’s been an accident, it’s Dan!

    What Happened from April 24 to April 28 (Episodes 4171-4175)
    Rachel is shocked to see the patient in emergency. It’s Dan – and he’s seriously injured. It’s touch and go…will he survive?
    Robert, Rachel’s father, meets Kim at the hospital and invites himself for dinner at Rachel’s house. Rachel is still suspicious of her father’s intentions...
    Leah and Peter sit by Dan’s bedside, knowing there’s a possibility he may die.
    Rachel opens up to Kim about the mystery of her family: her mother is in a care home after a car accident in which her father was driving. After dinner, Kim overhears Robert on the phone: it seems there’s more to Robert than meets the eye.
    Peter returns to the hospital with the shocking news that Dan may have attempted to commit suicide in the car crash. Leah is guilt-ridden when she thinks of the divorce papers she had prepared. For Dan, and rushes out in tears.
    Rachel is stunned when her father asks her to cover for him: he’s involved in a medical negligence case.
    Dan wakes from his coma. Emotions are high. Leah promises to take Dan home and look after him.
    Belle starts school at Summer Bay High – but Matilda is jealous of all the fuss made by Lucas in helping Belle.
    Ric opens his pay packet only to discover a $50 note! He’s been docked for the scratches on the car, which he knows Dom did. Ric later gets revenge on Dom...
    Macca’s taken a job in the city, but doesn’t have the heart to tell Cassie. When she discovers the truth, Cassie’s devastated. She really loved that guy! Before he leaves town, Macca declares he loves Cassie too.
    Just when Ric thinks he’s getting somewhere with Dom, Ric is subjected to excruciating pain in his legs…the evil Dom is at it again.

    And finally

    What Happened from May 1 to May 5 2006 Episodes 4176-4180)
    Ric knows the acid burns on his legs are the result of Dom’s evil pranks again. At home he says nothing. In the morning, after taking painkillers, as he's getting ready for work, he collapses on the floor.
    Jack’s suspicions of Peter take a new twist when he discovers Peter tells a blatant lie about his whereabouts the night before. When the result of the forensic tests shows it’s Peter’s hair in the blood sample, Jack suspects Peter could be the one who got rid of Bob – and he might also be the one who killed Josh West!
    Lucas and Mattie are finding their break-up hard to bear, yet they are each not letting the other know their true feelings. Cassie convinces Mattie to do something about it. When she prepares a romantic dinner, things go terribly wrong and Lucas moves out to live next door with Jack.
    Jack is investigating the shed where he was attacked and discovers an autopsy report on ‘Eve Jacobsen’. Meanwhile, Peter is on the phone and reports it’s getting harder to keep the secret.
    Leah insists on having Dan at her house after his release from hospital. Sally thinks it’s guilt on her part. Rachel tells Leah that Dan is still suffering from brain damage – his behaviour may be erratic at times.
    Robbie and Tasha have their first ultrasound test and they both hear the baby’s heart beat. Tasha is elated, but Robbie has trouble getting excited about the whole pregnancy.
    Mattie is heartbroken and Beth can see she’s cried all night. Tony marches next door and demands Lucas come home. Mattie writes Lucas a letter asking to meet and talk, but when Lucas discovers her in his room he hits the roof and asks to be left alone!
    When Dan realises Leah has arranged for Colleen to ‘baby-sit’ him, Dan loses it and trashes the house. Later when Dan tries to seduce Leah, she realizes his playful mood isn’t really Dan at all. Sally calls in and offers to take Dan for a while.
    Kim arranges a picnic, inviting Robbie and Tasha, to give Rachel’s mother Elaine an outing. Elaine is suffering from amnesia and wanders off from the picnic. She’s found talking to an old lady on the verandah of her house. Doris’ grandson Charlie is very suspicious of them all.
    Rachel returns to the house to offer medical treatment to Doris and insists she be taken to hospital. Charlie is reluctant but finally agrees. Kim invites Charlie to their place for dinner.
    As Sally and Dan are walking along the beach, Dan explains he’s tired of people looking after him. Sally offers him sympathy and suddenly Dan kisses Sally!

    What Happened from May 8 to May 12 (Episodes 4181-4185)
    Dan is utterly embarrassed at his own behaviour and races off from Sally, knocking over Colleen in the process. Colleen races to the Diner and lets everyone know she’s been ‘attacked’. Rachel attends to her injuries.
    Leah is worried sick about Dan…where is he? Alf co-ordinates a team to go in search of him as Dan thrashes through the bush, hallucinating that Ryan is leading him on.
    Charlie, Kim and Rachel find the injured Dan at the bottom of an embankment. Dan awakens and is aggressive in his confusion. He lashes out at Kim and when Charlie intervenes, Dan sends him flying. Charlie has fallen on a sharp rock and pierced his lung!
    Dan races off through the bush and is caught by Alf. It’s obvious Dan is disturbed. At the hospital, Leah is relieved that Dan’s brain swelling is subsiding and he’ll have no more seizures. Dan and Leah vow they’ll give their relationship another go.
    Charlie’s life is saved and Nurse Julie is surprised to hear that Kim and Rachel are his ‘best friends’. Is Charlie becoming obsessed with his new friends?
    At work, Dom is warned to lay off Ric by Gazza. Dom is not impressed. Later, as Ric reaches into a tool box, he jolted with an electric shock. He finds a frayed power cord resting in the tool box This is no accident!
    Ric complains to the boss, Ray, but it turns out Dom is Ray’s nephew! Now his job’s on the line, as well as his life!
    Lucas’ defiant attitude towards his family has Tony, Beth and Matilda at their wits’ end. Cassie and Matilda head to the Surf Club and bump into Lucas playing pool with Belle. Then Lucas hooks up with two dodgey lads from school…while Belle goes off to call on Ric. When Cassie and Matilda get to Summer Bay House they find Belle sitting, waiting for Ric. Matilda loses it and lunges at Belle. Cassie breaks it up.
    When Lucas arrives home late that night, Tony is waiting up for him. Lucas storms out of the room, Tony grabs his arm. Lucas completely loses it and punches his father.
    Lucas claims that ever since they moved in with the Hunters, everything has gone wrong. Tony and Beth are shocked and disappointed. It appears Lucas is angry at the world.
    Jack is positive there’s a connection between Peter and Zoë, but can’t work out what it is. Martha suggests it’s the first year anniversary since Zoë’s death. Later when Jack goes through the files, he discovers Laura McPherson’s personal stats are identical to Zoë’s. Perhaps Zoë is still alive!
    When Jack confronts Peter and demands the truth, Peter says he can’t stand back and watch Zoë hurt his loved ones a second time…but other evidence makes Jack still suspect Peter may have killed Josh to protect his secret.
    Irene and Barry get together and Robbie and Tasha get Colleen to assist with a special love potion from Italy. It seems Irene and Barry are reconciled!

    What Happened from May 15 to May 19 (Episodes 4186-4190)
    Martha and Jack are convinced now that Peter is the killer of Josh West. But he might kill again – Martha is worried sick for Jack!
    When Peter is hauled into the station for questioning by McGrath, Peter denies any connection with Josh’s murder, but says Josh did threaten to tell the residents about Zoë being alive…McGrath tells Peter he’s suspended pending an investigation. Martha freaks – now Zoë and Peter are out there!
    It seems Irene and Hyde’s love affair has been rekindled and Irene wants everyone over for a celebratory lunch. Kim’s happy to see his Dad happy.
    Much to Alf’s surprise, Morag returns to the Bay to clear out her office. She is startled to discover a special file is missing…she goes to the phone. She knows this person killed Josh West and tells them to come to her house alone.
    After downing a glass of Scotch, Morag opens the door to…Barry Hyde!! Barry confesses to the whole thing. Because Project 56 was going to destroy Summer Bay High, Hyde wanted to know from Josh how he’d succeed. Josh had the file which incriminated Hyde for killing his wife. When Josh threatened to expose Kim as an accessory, a struggle broke out. Josh pulled out Martha’s gun from his top drawer and when Hyde lunged for the gun…Josh was killed instantly.
    Hyde says he’s watched everyone being questioned by the police, b ut he had to protect Kim. Peter and Jack step out from the kitchen. The game is up. Irene is devastated when Morag calls on her to tell her the news.
    A mystery person steps out of a car. It’s Zoë. She has an evil smile across her face…
    Rachel does her best to comfort Kim about his father. Charlie is annoyingly persistent in hanging around Kim and Rachel. Kim loses it and tells Charlie to back off. It’s obvious there’s something odd about the guy. Ric is victimized even more at work and Belle tells Dom off at the Diner. Dom is determined to get even with Ric. While working under a car, Dom endangers Ric’s life by using a faulty jack. When Ric is pinned under the car, Dom’s uncle realizes the truth about his nephew. After Dom breaks down and is fired from the job, Ric tells Dom to sort out his life or he’ll always be a loser!
    Lucas’ irresponsible behaviour shocks Beth and Tony…what has happened to the nice kid they used to know? After Peter fills everyone in on the hunt for Zoë, the Police are on full alert. Jack apologises to Peter for compromising the investigation.
    After a drunken night at the Surf Club, Lucas rips off his clothes and goes for a surf. A huge search is organized, and Mattie is distraught. When she finds Lucas asleep in his bed, she’s furious he’s worried everyone so much.
    When Peter returns to his apartment with Jack, little do they know who’s moved in next door

    This Week In Oz!!!!
    Irene is adamant she doesn’t want anything to do with Barry Hyde – she refuses to go to the hearing with Kim, Rachel and Sally. Kim reluctantly tells Barry he’s been evicted from his apartment. As Peter arrives, he’s given a note. It’s from Zoë!! Morag is the surprise lawyer acting for Hyde and he’s grateful. Through her expert negotiating Morag convinces the Court that Barry is a good man who found himself in unfortunate circumstances. He’s released on bail of $250,000. But who put up the bail? Peter is put through some harrowing episodes set up by Zoë. He finds a bullet with his name on it…chills are sent up his spine. There’s a gun shot and Peter narrowly misses being killed. He knows Zoë is messing with his mind. Kim is being hounded by a constant mob of reporters and photographers about his father. Charlie offers to help keep them away from Kim and Kim thanks Charlie. But this only encourages Charlie’s obsession with Kim. After Lucas has been hanging around with some dodgey friends, he is stunned when his own brother arrives with two police officers, to arrest him for vandalism! Jack has convinced Tony and Beth to give Lucas a scare with the law, but they start wondering if they’ve done the right thing. After his release, Lucas is still angry with his father. Lucas finally admits to Beth the reason for his troubled behaviour. Through loving Beth, Lucas felt he was betraying his own mother. Mattie and Lucas have an emotional heart to heart and they admit they have missed each other. And Lucas assures her that nothing ever happened with Lee. Jack and Martha have a heart to heart and discuss their future…both would love to have a family some day. Jack confides in Robbie and Tasha that he is going to ask Martha to marry him, but wants to downplay it to give her a complete surprise. His plan backfires, and Martha is the one who proposes to Jack! They are engaged… Cassie notices Macca’s surly moods and can’t understand why he has such mood swings. Meanwhile, Macca pulls a bag of pills out from his pocket. Colleen’s birthday party is in full swing and Cassie is surprised to see Macca stride in, looking cheerful and back to his old happy ways. Macca is the life of the party again. Colleen is devastated to learn her beau for the night, Ronnie, has been stolen from her by her friend Madge. Ric is suspicious of Macca’s high energy – how does he do it? Later he discovers a packet of pills that falls from Macca’s jacket. Will Ric tell Cassie?
    Attached Images

    It's Martha and Jack's engagement party - Martha finds a video tape on her doorstep andthinking its just some "embarrassing moments" from her childhood, puts the VCR in...unbeknown to her though its a video from the stalker....

    The video features Peter with a noose round his neck, with her maniacal laugh filling the room, leaving all the guests shocked and scared and realising she is coming to get all of them....one by one...

    However, this is apparently nothing compared to what she does later on....

    OMG, thank u jojo and theaaman, rep coming your way yet again! I cant wait, although i wont be able to watch that many again cos i start a new job on tuesday

    oooh, is Belle the bush person???

    No that would be me

    :blushing: Yes Belle is the mystery bush person who Ric thinks is a guy.

    But Ric will find out soon tat she is a girl!!

    and will get romantic with her too down da line in this storyline!!

    wow! thats a lot!! im going away for a couple of months...(to australia ) in 2 weeks so im gonna miss a whole chunk out *cries* how unfair is that?! ARGHHHH!!! flipping holidays

    Haha, when you are sightseeing in Australia, think of me writing away for my 17 exams, starting next week! A holiday doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

    good point! I am/was taking a National Dipploma so no exams needed just TONES of coursework, which im very near completeing, so although it will be great to get away im gonna miss so much Home and Away!

    oh and....17 EXAMS?! my god they like to make you work dont they?! Thats a lot!

    Anyone noticed that ITV have been advertising Home and Away on Five?! :eek:

    That's quite incredible that they have done that considering thr way they behaved towards it.

    But it is good news - and will let ITV viewers know that it IS still on but on Five.

    but surely by now everyone should know its on five? ...wierd

    Home And Away is filmed about 30mins from my house

    have you been to "Summer Bay"?
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