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Could mental health problems be mitigating factors when you get a 69% overall? watch

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    I have been teetering on a first for the last year or so buttwo recent grades I’ve received suggest to me that at my luckiest I’m going toend up with a 69% overallHere are my third year grades: 73, 71, 70, 68, 63And this year: 76, 67 I’m not expecting to get a first in my dissertation becauseI got 65% in my dissertation presentation that’s worth 30% of my overall markand the other module I had hoped would drag my grade up well, I got 73% on a10% module and 62% on a 40% essay so I’d have to get amazing in the exam toeven get a high 60s mark. I’m a bit upset really because my university career has notbeen a positive one and to get a first would have made it worth something. Ihave been plagued with mental health issues (hospitalized twice in my firstyear) and have bad anxiety/panic attacks as I was diagnosedwith an anxiety disorder when I was in high school. I have no idea what I’mgoing to do when I leave (can’t do a PGED because I don’t have the rightstandard grade maths, can’t join Aldi grad scheme because I don’t have adrivers licence) so I always thought ‘well,it’s better to be on the dole and have a first than be on the dole with a bogstandard 2.1’, I’m so anxious that having a 2.1 will make it much much harderfor me to find work than a first will because I have such crippling anxiety. Iwon’t stick around if all I can find is zero hour casual work; I’ve alreadymade my mind up about that. Is there anything I can do to help my case should I end upwith a 68-69% mark? It probably sounds self-entitled but I just want my timehere to mean something and I will be really disappointed with a 2.1
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    If you have mitigating circumstances, then I guess it's worth declaring them regardless.

    To be honest, I would say that using mitigating circumstances to try to get a First would be very much against the spirit of what things like that are in place for.

    I'd also be surprised if mitigating circumstances could be used in such a scenario. At my university, mitigating circumstances would make you eligible for an additional attempt at an examination if you failed, rather than giving you "extra marks".
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