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Sleep Troubles watch

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    So lately I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping and I think it might be to do with stress and me being so down lately.

    Getting to sleep at first is a major issue. I can spend an hour tossing and turning, even though I feel tired, I just can't drift off, or I can't 'shut my mind down'. Throughout the night I've been waking up a lot too, sometimes three or four times with no reason because I don't hear anything going on and everyone else in the house is asleep.

    I've always had trouble sleeping, but it's just worse lately. I often take naps as well to help me through the day however I've not been able to lately even when feeling so tired.

    Can anyone make some suggestions as to what I can do? I've tried improving diet/exercise. No difference and it wasn't bad to begin with.
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    Just to add to my above post....currently going on little sleep, so tired that it's making me feel physically sick yet I'm still awake and can't sleep.

    Have you tried Nytol One a night?
    It works for me

    Let's start with the easy, safe solutions:

    1) Install f.lux (or equivalent), and gradually darken the screen in the evening into the far red. Avoid any kind of bright white or blue-ish light in the evenings: red and dim is best.
    2) Don't eat anything within 3 hours of when you plan on going to bed. Make sure you are eating on a regular schedule.
    3) Go to bed at the same time every night, as far as possible.
    4) If the above don't work (give them a few weeks: the latter two in particular are likely to take a while to fix themselves), talk to an actual doctor about it.

    Try doing something that will take your mind off whatever is bothering you. Try writing all your feelings down on a paper so you sleep with a clear mind. Eat properly, lack of eating for me makes me sleep less. If you have exams and thats causing you to stress, or whatever it is, IT WILL SOON GO. So dont worry about it. Rememebrer your health is better than stressing so look after yourself. If it helps then take a nap in the day, or whenever you feel tired. Do some excercise so you feel extremely tired and can fall asleep properly, try taking a shower before you sleep, to calm all your feelings and stress levels.

    All of the above are just suggestions, they helped me when i was extrememrly stressed, and atm i am again bcoz of stupid GCSE's.

    If it helps talk to a friend about it so your stress is not all blocked inside of you.

    Hope this helped.x
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