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edexcel igcse french orals

Hi im being homeschooled and next year i will be doing my exams for edexcel igcse. For my french orals how do i prepare for it ? Will the examiner ask me random questions about the picture i have to bring in or are u told what questions they are going to ask? And for the conversation afterwards between me and the examiner will be about the topics i will study which are:
-Home and abroad
-Education and employment
-House,home and daily routines
-The modern world and the enviroment
-Social activities, fitness and health
Is there a sheet that shows me what i will be asked by the examiner on these topics or will i be asked randomly and have to answer in french 😓
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The French IGCSE (Edexcel) Oral Exam works in the following way:

- 1 minute picture description (choose a photo and talk about it. I recommend you use a picture of your family or friends as it is easier to talk about it).
- Max 3 minutes picture discussion (follow up questions based on your picture, some will be directly related some will be indirectly related)

Then you have the conversation. This is on two topics. We had our French teacher prepare us for these questions etc (as she did our speaking), so I'm not entirely sure how it would work for you.

So its a Max of 6 minutes, and you have 2 topic areas. (You will not be asked on a topic that is related to your picture, so if your photo is on the environment you will not be asked anything from Topic E).

Just prepare some questions at home, learn your tenses and key vocab and you should be fine :smile:
Official iGCSE French Speaking Format
Assessment information

Component A - Photocard:
✺1 Minute photo description
3 Min picture discussion (further questions regarding the photocard you have selected)
Component B - Conversation:
2 topics will be assessed 6 mins and they will not be the same as the topic question in your photo card
In your examination you will not be asked on the topic selected for your photocard


Hope that helps : )

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