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    Hi All,

    My friend is going through a rough patch at the moment. Well, actually, things have been bad all year but now more than ever with exams in weeks.

    We are 16, about to take our exams and she is under high pressure to do exceptionally well while reciving very little support from teachers. She has spoken to guidance but they have offered nothing more than that because they refuse to listen.

    This week she saying that she hates herself, and has a lot on her plate trying to get polios and tests completed. Time is very short for us both and I'm worried that it is going to get too much for her, particular in the next few weeks. I don't want her to shut down, I swear she's already ill. But up to now I have felt unable to offer more than a hug or just listen.

    I need help, please, and urgetly. Anything that might help me help her. Thank you.
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    she needs to go to see a GP who has a special interest in young people/mental health issues - you can't be responsible for her beyond offering a supportive ear - you have your own stresses too with exams coming up. Young Minds has some good stuff on their website and a helpline which I've used in the past. You are a kind and good person - but try to look after yourself too.
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    As someone else said her GP would be the best person to see if she can, try and encourage her to see them and speak to her parents or someone too if she thinks they'd be supportive. For someone that she can talk about anything to you could suggest the samaritans as well. Other than that, the best you can do is make sure she knows you're always there to listen to her and help if you can. If you can encourage her to be eating, sleeping and taking time out to relax regularly (things like colouring, online jigsaws etc can be good) that's also great but you need to be looking after yourself too. Your and her health are far more important than exams however it may feel. Hope things get better for you both soon and they go okay though!

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    Hi there, sorry to hear about you and your friend :-( I think what you two are doing is putting a lot of pressure on yourselves when you really dont need to. Sure its great to get all A*/A's but its seriously okay ifyou dont have all of that. I went through the same thing and self harmed, contimplated life etc etc lol but you need to tell someone. Expect your friend to hate you for a week or so but its whats best for her.
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    Very Important Poster
    GP or childline if she needs someone to talk to. Good for you for being supportive. I think she should tlak to someone though, although I dont think theres much that can be done.

    Talking and relaxing is good.
    Going for a walk and exercising good.
    being well organised and managing your workload helps.

    presumably her parents arent aware. If she cna she needs to make a pacct with herself thanshe need to work hard for the next month and then she cna relax, so she just needs that last push. If she gets stressed, then it doesnt do her any good, so the only target she has is to try her best. Plan fun times for after and take regular breaks now.
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