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Who has started revision? What are you aiming for? NEED ADVICE ASAP watch

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    Sadly, I havent even started fml ...dont feel motivated enough to revise...I feel like im the only one tbh...my first written exams are on the 16th of May, Citizenship Unit 1 in the morning and RS Unit 4 in the afternoon :/ Can someone be realistic and tell me when to start preparing for my exams and to take 'extreme' revision? I am aiming for A*s ia in most of my subjects .

    Also someone pls tell me when to start learning for maths GCSE which is on 26th May? I have already started my basic revision but when do I start to do it in depth like answering questions and making sure I know everything 100% I feel like its hard to know when the best time to start preparing is.. ygm? like i dont want to start too soon or too late I have 22 exam papers btw ;-;

    But anyways what about you guys?

    (btw sorry for my grammar just speaking from the top of my head looool)

    there's still time. I'm still at the point of just trying to revise the course in my subjects as much as I can and I havent really delved too deep into any past papers as I think they do the most benefit nearer the time. If you started now you can still do well if you have good background knowledge of the subject. Personally I find in each subject is different when it comes to revising. For subjects like maths, its about targeting the stuff you're weak at, and then becoming better at it but for subjects like say Geography or History, it's about learning the entire course because its a gamble about what could come up :/
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    You've a whole month and a bit left before your public examinations begins. Although there is not a lot of time, there is still time so you best make good use of what you have left.

    The best advice I could give you is to keep doing open book past paper questions since you won't have enough time to revise all and then attempt it closed book (but you may, if you feel your information retention is good), and carry on doing questions that are so similar that you're constantly repeating yourself. By doing this, it'll get into your head quicker that way.

    I properly started half way through march.

    I'm doing some science revision this very moment. (Mitosis and Meiosis :|)

    Aiming for atleast 5A*s and the rest A's.

    Good luck, you still got a good one month. I'd say 2-3 hours on weekdays and a few more on weekends. You'll be good to go. Just cover the more important things first. (The topics you don't understand)

    Aiming for 8A*'s and 2A's & I started revising in February, all my revision sources should be done in the next 2/3 weeks if I work hard enough then I'll have 2 weeks to go over things for my exams starting on may 17th (French and biology core so I don't need too long to go over these) and then anything between 2 weeks and a month and a half for everything else.

    I do have an exam on May 3rd but I haven't really counted that as when I want my revision sources done because it's English and I'm just doing past papers to revise

    anyone got any tips on how to revise. I am seriously stuck

    (Original post by humyyyy)
    anyone got any tips on how to revise. I am seriously stuck
    Same, but I found that mindmaps really help for things like english lit and history. Use flashcards for things with definitions and key terms e.g Biology. But tbh I'm struggling, I think just past papers but I have no clue lol

    I'm aiming for 6-7A*s a couple As and a B

    There's still time but don't waste it. i feel the exact same. I wake up pretty early in the holidays (around 8 in the morning) and have breakfast and stuff like that. I start revision at 9 and I feel unmotivated and just generally horrible. As soon as I start getting into the momentum, I start to feel a bit more motivated when I see myself revise areas I completely forgot about.

    You just need to sit down for a few hours and just do it! Past papers + specification + revision guides + internet (if you can resist the temptation to not stroll onto non-productive things!) = success! Remember, you'll have study leave and use your term time before exams to ask teachers lots of questions if you have any and work 10000000/10 in class.
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