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Cavendish Hall

Hey, found out I'm in Cavendish
Anybody else?

Me :biggrin:
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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me too! well thats 3 of us then...
and me. What are you guys studying? xxx
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hey guys ive just got an offer from cavendish.. was wondering what u guys made of it? i heard some stories about jewish ppl? and snobs?
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Yeah from what I've heard Cavendish does tend to have a very high Jewish population, which is slightly odd in this day and age.
I've heard the same about a Jewish population, but from what I hear its mostly due to the fact that Cavendish is one of the few halls to offer Kosher food.

I know a few people at Cav, seems nice :smile:
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there are lots of jews & as such they tend to know each other but that doesn't mean they're not nice! cavendish can be quite cliquey, i.e. as said there are lots of jews that already know each other, and same applies to londoners, but there are lots of other people too (i think it's one of the biggest halls?) & so you'll have no problem finding friends. i suppose it could be said that it attracts 'snobs' as it is the most expensive hall given that it is all en-suite but everyones paying the same price so what's anyone got to be snobby about? you'll have no problems socialising seriously, you'll love cav
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I'm staying at cav too! :biggrin: I'm doing English Studies, anyone else?
im in cav ! so stokeddd, I want to goo nowwww !!