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    Ok, another chemistry question!
    Right, Butanone has dipole-dipole bonding and propanoic acid has hydrogen bonding between molecules, how do you deduce this cos I thought O/N/F - H bonds are all hydrogen bonding and butanone presumably bonds with O-H like propanoic acid so why is it dipole-dipole?

    And does anyone understand this question? (Q7, Jan03 AQA Mod 5)
    Outline a plan of an experiment to determine the percentage of iron present as iron(III) in a soln containing Fe2+ (aq) and Fe3+ (aq) ions. You are provided with zinc, a standard soln of potassium dichromate (VI) and dilute H2SO4. Zn can reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+ (aq).

    Write equations for all the reactions that occur. Explain how you would use the zinc and how you caculate the final answer.

    Ok the answer says titrate against K2Cr2O7 then reduce same vol by Zn then filter off excess Zn and titrate for total Fe(n+) using K2Cr2O7 and % = (titre 2-titre 1)/titre 2 x 100 but I don't really get what's going on here..i mean what is the 2nd titration doing exactly?


    Butanone is C=O [no H involved]

    I have to look over them nasty plan questions

    A general guidline is that carboxylic acids and alcohols contain hydrogen bonding?
    shall we do some chem revision on msn?

    butanone does not contain O-H bonds only has C=0 which are polar because there is a large electronegativity different between C and O

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