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I'm so stressed and anxious don't know what even to do anymore... watch

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    I'm not really good with threads but my problem is that basically for about a year or so now I've been really stressed, angry, anxious about school and friendship. Because first at school i always feel lonely and sad and sometimes angry while i'm at school because I feel like none of the people like me because of what other people have told them about me or the fact that I act like a "bit.." and that i'm such a horrible person as such even though i'm not or just the fact i'm not cool enough for them and the people im currently friends with are always hitting me pushing me and saying nasty things to me for a "joke" but i haven't always been friends with them only recently because my old group of "friends" i was with practically kicked me out of their group and whenever i was with them they would just ignore me as such and i got lonely and fed up of it so i decided to become friends with the other people i wrote about and at first they were really nice to me but now they're horrible to me and honestly I want to be friends with other people but I already have been friends with other people at my school and I dont really get along with any of them. Anyway these nasty people i wrote about are always just generally trying to bring me down by pointing out my flaws etc and its not as easy as ignoring them because i have them in all of my lessons and they always message me and get the same bus as i do and the thing that i get angry about is the fact my parents are just like oh make new friends but i dont really have anyone else to be friends with because i have been friends with all the people in my year and these people im currently friends with are like my last group of friends i can be with at that school and as well as that I feel like this is all affecting my learning because of the fact that these people always make me feel stressed and anxious and sometimes it gets too much that i have panic attacks because im so worried about it all. I have asked my parents so many times to move me to another school because of the fact that i feel like i dont have anyway friends here and this is affecting my learning because of the fact that i dont want to go to my lessons because of these people and that brings my grades down but they want to keep me there because the school is such a good school. And its not as simple as just report them because if i report them i wont have any friends and i honestly dont know what to do...
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    How long do you have left in that school?
    I went through about 2 years of college not having many friends and I was alone most of the time, but I got through it and just buckled down in order to get my grades, so it went by fast.
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    Id agree with above you need to knickle down and do your exams.
    If its bad talk to your GP, someone older who you trust if your prents wont listen or childline 08001111

    Its a bit defeatist, but if you really cnat make any more friends, then do without them for your exams. Think of it like this, if you do well then after then you cna either transfer yoursel;f, but with good grades or get an apprenticeship.

    Alternatively look into transfering yourself. Id stick it out, become a nerd and do well in your exams.

    Uf you are really worried about it though, then please talk to someone.
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