Nottingham Uni vs York Uni - URGENT HELP?! Watch

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Hi, I'm trying to pick my firm and insurance unis and I'm really stuck!

I want to do geography and am debating between Nottingham Uni and York Uni for my firm choice and I really can't make up my mind

Both are asking for ABB and I'm probably going to put UEA as my insurance (also ABB)
York is environmental geography so it has much more science and maths than Nottingham's straight geography degree. The amount of science does intimidate me slightly as although I do A2 biology and did AS maths, I hate(d) them both and am not that good at them.

Nottingham has a really nice uni and a course but I really didn't like the city that much. Coming from London I wanted to live somewhere a bit nicer or prettier like York

I really like both unis and I'm so stuck between them, so if anyone had any advice I'd be grateful!

- Do you know how much science and maths there is in environmental geography at York? If so, is it easy to handle?

- What's Nottingham like to live in as a student? (I only saw the main bits so I don't really know much)
- Is Nottingham safe? and is a nice city to be in?

Thank you, I would really appreciate any advice/ answers!
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Hi, I got offers to both schools as well, but for a different course. I'm currently doing my foundation year in Nottingham and I can say that the city is really good for students. I don't know anything about the sciences but I can talk about the student life.

The bus fares a really cheap at £1 each way and you can buy a day pass or an entire year's pass. Accommodation is also relatively cheap and you'll always find somewhere you like.
There are free hopper buses which run between campuses so it's quite convenient although it gets busy towards the end of the day
Generally, it safe, but I've heard of some parts which may not be safe, but you're less likely to find yourself there
If you're a party person then you'll enjoy the Nottingham night life, there are always parties and you even get flyers at your doorstep

The problem I have with York is that it's quite expensive to live in, and being located in the North, it will be really cold

What I can say is that you can't really find the perfect university, you just have to set your priorities straight, either the course programme or the student life, and all other things can be adjusted and will eventually fall into place.

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