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Adjusting to new job and home... watch

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    1. I have a degree though currently working in McDonald's, after moving in with partner- while it isn't ideal- I'm doing it to pay bills.

    2. I've worked about four shifts and I hate it. People (mostly crew members) expect you to know what they are talking about when they scream their "McJargon" over the kitchen to you- despite been here literally four days as a Newbie. They have abbreviations for everything, rules for everything, it's hard to remember it all. Training is fast paced, people can be impatient, though managers are okay but it's dependant on store times.

    3. Company culture in my store is such that people mess about and don't take any of it seriously, although quick to revolt if you make mistake, and get annoyed if you don't pick it up. I've only been here four days!

    4. Relates to no. three; if your serious they pick up on it, and your like the killjoy of the store. I've already overheard colleagues saying they aren't keen on me and I'm too serious. I'm naturally an anxious guy, I suffer social anxiety attacks, of course I'm not gonna be happy and jokey

    5. I'm new to area, it's just so foreign to me: the accent, the people/behaviours and just the environment. It's polluted, inner city industrial dumping grounds.

    What advice would you give me?
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    Good for you for working in McDs to pay the bills.
    Dont lose your cool, be polite smile and say thank you. If theres stuff you dont know, then stay behind after shift for 15-30 mins and learn. Makes notes if needed.
    Stick it out, once you know your stuff, you can then get good at your job and they will be able to rely on you. Theyve all been through it. Dont tell them you are a grad if not already done so. Think of the money and then look for another job. Do not quit.

    give yourself a bit of time with the job, 4 days is nothing in terms of getting used to any job, let alone one as fast paced as mcdonalds, don't stress about whether people like you, are you likely to make long term friends there? probably not... I assume it's only a temporary thing anyway... just focus on earning your money and getting home, when you get home try and focus on the positives and make sure you do some nice things and have time to yourself... and cut yourself some slack, it's a big adjustment to move and get a new job, it will take some time before you're feeling comfortable
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