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    My Mummy
    My mummy told me to keep my eyes closed, but I already know she's taking me to my surprise birthday party. It's still hard for me to resist peeking, but I trust my mummy to make it the best seventh birthday party ever. I give her hand another squeeze, the sandpapery skin tickling my own skin.

    Sitting in the car, I'm wondering if I should tell mummy that I've grown out of pink, but I don't think she will listen. She didn't say anything when I asked where we were going, probably because she wanted to keep it a secret. Maybe mummy's realised that I'm older now and she has already put up grown up decorations like she did for my brother.

    My brother is only two-and-a-half years older than me, but mummy treats him like he's much older than me. She let him go to the clouds on his own and I told my mummy that I wanted to go too, but she wouldn't let me. In fact, she doesn't let me do anything fun anymore. She sleeps all day, and I'm stuck with nothing but my zoo animals to keep me company. When I'm older, I'll fly up to the clouds like my brother did and make him come down to make mummy fun again.

    She suddenly decides to speak.

    "Mercy, how are you feeling?" The voice comes from the left of me, I think. I want to say that I'm excited, but that would give away the fact that I know.

    "I'm hungry. Mummy, can I have sausages for tea?"

    There's silence for a few seconds. Maybe she is about to reveal her surprise?

    "Y-yes you can, and I'll m-make you mash too, with lots and lots of cheese. Just how y-you like it." So that's why she didn't want to talk; her hiccups stopped her from doing so. I'm quite tempted to tell her the secret to getting rid of hiccups, even if it is a secret, but she has already moved on to something else.

    "Hello? Y-yes, yes, everything's ready. She doesn't know what's happening," I try to hide my smile when she says that, "And I swear if you ever tell her anythi- alright, fine. Let's just get this over with."

    The car has stopped moving and I'm no longer holding onto the warmth and comfort that is mummy's hand. There is some shuffling and then I feel cold air blasting onto my face. The urge to open my eyes is getting stronger, but I promised mummy I wouldn't. My mummy tells me to hold onto her again, and I cling onto her as I leave the car.

    "Mercy, darling, you can open your eyes now."

    I open my eyes and all thoughts of my birthday party leave my head.There's a house in front of me while mummy is to my right, holding onto my hand.

    I shut my eyes tight again.

    That is not my mummy.

    (My entry for the short story competition.)
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