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I started at Hope university in 2013 studying law and psychology, I completed my first year and decided that I only wanted to study law. I spoke to the head of the department who told me that they were offering the LLB Law course starting that year and I could do my second year part time to complete my first year of the law degree. Now, I am in my second year of university and I hate it where I am. I am not overly confident that I am going to well in my exams and I hate being at the university. I really wish I had done the LLB Law course at a different university which has been doing the course longer and knows what is going on with it, I don't know where I am with the course and I don't think the tutors do either.
I am struggling to decide what to do, whether to try and change universities for my third year and hope for the best, or apply at a different university and do 3 more years at the LLB. The problem that I am facing with that is that I doubt I will get funding as funding only covers you for 4 years, which there is no way I'll be able to afford £18,000 for an extra 2 years. HELP.
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Dont you mean you have really completed 1 year of an LLB i.e the 2nd year you are in is just p/t? Normally first years arent that important and as you have another two years funding left you could try and join an LLB from the second year. It depends on whether they will accept your course credits amd ofc whether they will make a place for you.

If in fact you are two full years into an LLB 2 years p/t plys 1 year f/t, then you will need to ring round to see if hey will do transfers into a 3rd year.

Talk to your tutor about your concerns with the course, perhaps other people ahve the same. If you do leave, then if possible try and take your exams of you cna get good marks because you will need to explain to wherever you apply to why you left. I dont know whether its better to have no grades and go for the line the course was just a disaster v very average grades, they might not be oo impressed with.

Its not impossible for you to think about doing an LLB from fresh , although you will need to pay for the missing year and that might entail leaving and saving the money up before you start as SFE may choose only to finance year 2 and 3, menaing you have to find the funds for year 1.

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