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Would appreciate it if somebody could mark this essay question for me.
OCR History GCSE

"The following two things were equally important in Nazi control over the German people:"
"How far do you agree?" 10 marks.
Nazi control of the German people was based on many factors that successfully managed to keep people from rebelling, which largely came under terror and propaganda.
Propaganda constantly told the public good news of the nazi party, convincing people that everyone loved the nazis. Though this may seem to be something minor, it had a large effect - the Germans knew nothing other than what the Nazis told them, so had to believe it, making people like the nazis. This level of indoctrination - especially among the impressionable young in schools, advertising, cinema sports etc - made a loyal population - one unwilling to rebel. This is important to control as no population that is happy will rebel, making propaganda extremely important to Nazi control. On the other hand, many adults saw through the propaganda having known a different life, so were discontent with Nazi rule, meaning Goebbel's propaganda had limits.

Fear played a huge part in Nazi rule. Many were too scared even to privately complain due to groups like the Gestapo, who they believed had an agent on every street. This led people to not dare to speak out - effectively quelling any resistance before it began. This was an extremely important factor in Hitler's control, as none would dare to oppose the nazis, meaning their authority was assured. Concentration camps and the police ensured open opposition was suicidal. On the other hand, there were occasions in which people spoke out, such as Niemoller, who formed a confessional church against the nazis, though this was an exception. Most were too scared to do anything to the point they would inform the gestapo on their own families.

In conclusion, the statement is not entirely true as terror was far more effective in exercising control than propaganda, with people too scared to even complain, much less open opposition. Propaganda, however, did play a huge part in controlling the masses, making people unwilling to oppose all they knew. The statement, however, is largely wrong.

That's it! Would appreciate it if you could give me advice on how to improve, what I did well and how many marks I would likely get in an exam. Thanks!
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too much waffle worth 0 marks
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im taking edexcel germany so take whatever I say with a pinch of salt or whatever, but i would say;
- your structure is good, as in you talk about one, then the other, then conclude the overall but instead of describing each in turn , then saying your opinion in the conclusion, I would argue your view throughout because the question is a judgement question.
- so; start by saying for example, both played a vital role in controlling Germany , HOWEVER, it could be argued that fear evidently played a more effective role in the control of the german people.
-then argue "fear".
-then for the second parag you say "alternatively, it may also be argued that propaganda played an important role....etc etc" then argue propaganda, (so things like gestapo, concentration camps etc)

to conclude, you need to make an evaluation or judgment; why did fear have more of an impact? you could say unlike propaganda, which could be ignored if one wished, fear was a constant threat, people feared for their lives and so would take actions to give the image that they supported a regime they didnt necessarily believe in; thus through fear, the Nazis had clear visible control. etc etc. so your coming to a more balanced judgement?

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