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    Hey all just came on to boast like a typical traveler. xD
    Very brief description of what I have been up to because internet sucks here and is very expensive.

    Left home on 12th of August 2015, to travel around New Zealand.

    Had three day stop over in Hong Kong and met so many amazing people, the food was a bit tricky having no experience using chop sticks.

    - Sights were amazing and a complete culture shock seeing meat just hanging in the streets. Loads of frogs in cages (alive), same with chickens.
    - Climate shock too, was very humid so you started sweating as soon as you left a building and it was like 30 degrees constantly.

    After the three day stop over in Hong Kong I made it to New Zealand and arrived in Auckland.
    - Auckland sucked, would recommend leaving here as soon as possible.
    - From Auckland I made my way north to the top of the north island, the scenery... wow.
    - After spending just under a week here, I made my way south back to Auckland to see a few friends I had made in Hong Kong.
    - Left Auckland to go south with a bus tour group thing, full of other travelers.
    - Met so many new people it is unreal.
    - Made it to Hobbiton, after a few over night stops in a forest and on a beach.
    - Continued with the bus group
    - Made it to Lake Aniwhenua and stayed with a Maori family and had a traditional Hangi, where food is prepared in the ground with very hot rocks.
    - Hangi was amazing.
    - Left family and made my way south to the National Park, centre of the north island and done the Tongariro Crossing.
    - Walked the crossing, and right next to Mt Doom. Would have gone up but was too dangerous with all the ice. I slipped down some of the mountain as it was.
    - After here made it to the capital of New Zealand - Wellington.
    - Worked in a hostel here for 2 months, was amazing spending all my money (I mean all of it, I managed to get to NZ$-12.
    - Moved to South Wairapa to get a seasonal job to start earning duh monies.
    - Saved so much money here while having a house party every 2 days...
    - Left job 3 months later and started traveling again, made it back to Wellington.

    - Got on the ferry to the south island.
    - Got back on the bus and travelling around to new places, the scenery is so much better than the north island.
    - Few stops and went camping on the beach for a few nights and done some of the great walk (Abel Tasman).
    - Back on the bus to go down the west coast (one of the best drives in the world, or so I heard. I agree, the views are amazing no matter where you look and the roads are just great.)
    - Made it to Franz Josef, one of the only glaciers in the world that you can actually explore. Also get a cool helicopter ride to the top of the glacier to start walking on it.
    - Back on the bus to Lake Matherson - the famous lake with the famous reflection of the mountains. Only if it was a ''perfect'' day.
    - Went to Wanaka, spent 2 weeks here looking for more work. Really hard to find a job here so moved on.
    - Wanaka was great, so many different walks to do. Done a day walk up a mountain which was bigger than the highest point in the UK and thought it was beautiful from the top.
    -Clocked I walked like 230km+ in 2 weeks.
    - Left Wanaka, went to Dunedin and trying to find a job.
    - Currently in Dunedin looking for a job

    My travels shall continue once I have accumulated some more money to continue.
    I shall travel the rest of the South and make my way North back to Auckland to fly to Los Angeles.
    Stay in Los Angeles for 3 days then fly back home.

    Future plans.
    - Walk the UK visiting everywhere with a few people I met here in New Zealand.
    - Travel around the rest of Europe staying in Germany with a few friends, try to learn German better too.
    - Try and get another New Zealand working holiday
    - Come back to New Zealand
    - Stay another year
    - Go to Australia for 2 years
    - Travel Asia
    - Travel Russia
    - Get a Canadian working holiday visa
    - Stay in Canada for 1-2 years, dunno yet.
    - Road trip USA afterwards
    - Travel home - make some more money, if I ran out
    - Go to South America and travel more
    - Make more money
    - Travel around Africa
    - Make more money
    - Travel to Antarctica
    - Make more money
    - Decide what I want to do with my life

    I feel like I'll be around 30ish when I accomplish all of this.

    did you get to spank any of the locals ?

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    (Original post by the bear)
    did you get to spank any of the locals ?

    Funnily enough 2 nights ago they spanked me. Them Kiwi students...
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