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    So I've been working in my job for about 6 months and there's a girl who I've been attracted to basically since I started. I've only become friendly with her in the last month or so, mainly because I was concentrating on getting settled in the job.

    Over the last few weeks I've talked to her when I can and I've started to really fancy her. She seemed to be giving off a lot of signals that she was interested as well and she would flirt. I'd notice that she would regularly look over and she would always make a point of talking to me when she could. It all seemed to be going well and then I found out she has a boyfriend who she's been going out with for about 2 years. I've got to be honest, I was gutted as she really seemed like she was interested and flirty.

    I continued to be friendly with her and wasn't over the top with flirting as she has a boyfriend and we're obviously in the work place. It was just friendly kind of flirting.

    Anyway about 2 weeks ago, I just suddenly got this feeling that I was wasting my time on her. I just felt like she was leading me on and she had no intention of anything ever possibly happening if she broke up with her boyfriend. I don't know why I suddenly got that feeling. I mean obviously people will flirt a bit with other people they find attractive even if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend but the was she had been doing at least seemed very different and made her appear single if I'm honest.

    As I said this suddenly dawned on me. A big reason for thinking this way was what happened about 2 weeks ago. I headed out for lunch and didn't realise she was just behind me. Anyway we crossed the road and I was looking slightly the other way and then turned back and I'd noticed she had walked straight past me and ignored me. I just found that strange as she'll normally try to talk in the office but just ignores me when I see outside at lunch or the end of the day etc.

    I don't know why but that just really made me think she is just playing me. Funnily enough after this happened two weeks ago, I've only seen her once in the office over the space of two weeks. She was talking to someone else so I just went about my business and she finished talking to this girl and walked straight past me and that was that. She still looks over every now and then but she seems to have really cut down on that lately. I've also stopped looking at her when she walks past like I used to.

    I've talked to some close friends about it and they all think she's just leading me on. The only thing that makes me wonder is that for the period of almost 5 months I didn't give her much attention but she continued to show interest in me. If she just was the kind of girl who went after guys for an ego boost, then surely she would have given up after a few weeks of me not showing much interest?

    I'm not sure what to do now as I would like to be at least friends with her for now but I can't help but feel like she's a bit fake. Although I do wonder whether it's just pure jealously that is making me feel this way. Also, she appears to be happy with her boyfriend as she's just gone on holiday with him.

    Move on man she is clearly not interested. Many more fish in the sea.

    To me it just sounds like you're over thinking this way too much. If you want to be friends then just be friends. If you only wanted a romantic relationship from her then don't bother.

    It feels like wishful thinking to be honest. I would divert your energy in to finding someone who is single. Maybe you could revisit this option if she becomes available in the future.

    She's not interested move on find another girl

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