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I am a high school graduate from Greece. I am posting because I need to make a decision on my firm and insurance UCAS choices and I am wavering.

I have applied to PPE and similar programs and here are my offers:

1) The University of Essex - PPE (unconditional)

2) Newcastle University - Politics and Economics (conditional, asks for IELTS score)

3) University of Stirling - PPE (conditional, asks for IELTS score)

4) The University of York - I applied for PPE but I got an offer for Philosophy and Politics (conditional, asks for IELTS score)

Now, me taking the IELTS exams is not an issue. However, I will be doing that only if I don't firm Essex, otherwise there is no need to.

I am thinking of ruling out York, even though it is possibly the most prestigious of my options, on the grounds that I want to study a bit of economics. Even though I had excellent math grades, they will not let someone study economics without A-Level Math.

Also, I feel that both Essex and Newcastle are more prestigious and might be better than Stirling. The reason I applied to Stirling in the first place is because there is no tuition for EU students in Scotland. However, after finding out that Strathclyde, a university that is supposed to be better than Stirling, offers PPE and it is in Glasgow, I got a bit mad at myself for not applying there as well. Now it is too late, so I have to decide on my actual options.

Any thoughts on these options? I am mainly thinking to choose between Essex and Newcastle, but I'd like to hear views for any of the four.

Thank you in advance,


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