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It might sound a bit odd, but would you?

It might sound a bit odd, but anyway. I do photogaphy at uni, and I have been depressed for a while now. I had not been able to function at all in terms of doing my project, or even picking up my camera and goign into the darkroom.

When I saw my doc 2 weeks ago, she suggested me just go take random pictures like flowers or houses or whatever. I honestly thoguht what a stupid idea that was, coz I am a very conceptural / set up photographer (dont laugh). But over the weekend, I was able to pick up camera again and I took a lot of random pictures that are nowhere like my normal stuff, but good images including flowers (for god sake, I had never taken any flowers in my entire photography life). Anyway, I am seeing my doc again this Thus, and I kind of wanna give her a print as a thank you. It just a pure thank you and it somehow shows her I have improved. But I am a bit concerned she might not accpet it or take it the wrong meaning or whatever... I mean I give out pictures to people quite often anyway, coz I think they are great presents and they cost me mearly nothing to print them, and normally people are qutie happy to receive images in a proper art format. So my question is if you were me, would you give a print to you doc as a thanks?

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I think it's a lovely idea and I think she'd be thrilled to get one from you :smile:
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yes definately. Shows youve totally taken her advice on board and come out the better for it and its a great present, i know i'd love it :biggrin:
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You're an artist - you can get away with anything :p:

If I were you I would.
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Awww that sounds like a lovely idea!
If I was your doc/psychologist I would be absolutely thrilled to receive something like that - it just shows her you've taken her advice on board and she'll feel happy that she's helped you in that way.

Go for it!
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If I were qualified and a doctor, I'd love to receive something like that - makes the job worthwile, really :wink:
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I would definitely love it! I think you should give it as a present!
I think it's a very sweet gesture :smile:
For me, photography always help me get though when I'm feeling down. Whether you photograph pretty stuff or dark stuff it can always help.
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I concur give her a picture (I'm so glad this thread wasnt what I thought it was going to be about...animal love or something :|:|:| gross!)
Yeah, give her a pic, I'm sure she'll love it.
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It doesn't seem odd at all...I think she'll appreciate it, and it'll show that you've taken her comments on bored and that you've improved. I don't see how it could go wrong :confused: - d'you mean she might think you're infatuated with her or something? No idea why you'd think this is an odd thing to do...maybe if she's your GP but she'd not, is she?
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I think it's a lovely idea and I think she'd be thrilled to get one from you :smile:

Agree totally :smile:
I would! It's a nice gesture - which is good when people give doctors so much hassle sometimes!
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Go for it! I imagine she will be very pleased and touched.
Above posters are completely right, it shows to her you've listened, taken her advice on board and could be showing improvements in your deppression. To be honest thats what he jobs all about, usually when psychologists/doctors help people the rewards are few as they simply see the patients less and less as they improve. She'll be thrilled.
Definately! Doctors get so little appreciation for the long hours they work and icky stuff they have to look at. Will you post again and tell us how you got on?
go for it...a small gesture goes a long way :smile:

it word mkake everything worth wile
Well, I am actually having a second thought, coz first she is my GP, not a psychologist (I didnt think of it when I finished my counselling... oh well...) so this is why I think it's a bit weird... also, I will have to keep on seeing her every 2 weeks for a little longer, probably for anohter month or so. So am thinking of doing this at the end, rather than now, would that be better?
I'd still say go for it now or at the end - whichever.
It doesn't matter whether she's your GP or Psychologist - she's given you advice and by giving her that picture you're showing you've taken that advice onboard. It's bound to make her job worthwhile :smile:
How about do a "work in progress" for now, and a nicely framed one in the end? I thinking I actually "forcing" people to have my prints quite often, I just gave a print to a staff at college today for no reason.