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    Firstly, I'm considering on taking clenbuterol, but I'm not sure because I'm in the last year of school& the money to fund it would be out of my savings which is for a deposit on a house and emergency money for when I'm at university.

    Also, advice on my workout regime would help, and if I should do more cardio and core exercises.

    I'm 13.5 stone/189 pounds/85.7 kg and 12 stone (76.2kg/168 pounds) should be my average weight, I started from 16 stone btw and I'm 5'11 (180.34cm) and I'm quite broad too and I'm 18.

    I go gym roughly 6x a week or 3-5x depending if my girlfriend is down or not, each session is around 35-50 minutes long. The only cardio I do is a 2/3 minute run to the bus stop from my house and a 30 minute to and from school. I do a legs one session, back and biceps the next and chest and shoulders the next, then I repeat these 3 and will have a rest day where I don't do anything apart from walk to school if it's on a school day. And the core stuff I do is 3 sets of 11 crunches and lifting my legs up one inch from the ground whilst laying down and bringing them up 3 times, then bring them up diagnally both sides 3 time and then splitting my legs apart 3 times , and I do this on leg days and back and bicep days, so i do these 1 exercises 4 times a week.

    Leg day; I squat 50kg with the bar on my shoulders- 3 sets of 8. then I go on my toes with the bar still on to do my Calfs- 3 sets of 10 at the same weight. Do leg press (plate machine) for my Calfs and quads, 114kg each way, and for Calfs- 3 sets of 8, and for quads- 3 sets of 10. Then I use the leg curl machine for my hamstring- 3 sets of 10 at 50kg. Then I use the outer thigh and inner thigh machine at 50kg and 3 sets of 10 for both ways. And lastly I use the leg curl machine for my quads at 55kg and do 3 sets of 8. Then the core stuff

    Back and bicep day; seated row at 55kg on the machine - 3 sets of 10. Lat pull down with the bar at 45kg- 3 sets of 10. 12.5kg dumb bells- 3 sets of 8.Back extension machine at 68kg- 6 sets of 9. Then I use the the equipment where you can add different attachments to it, the vertical bar at the bottom for biceps at 41 kg- 3 sets of 9, then I use the V attachment to do back exercise (like the seated row but standing up) I do it once at the medium level height so if I would be sitting down, and on the floor at 64kg- 3 sets of 9 for both. Then the core stuff.
    Chest and shoulders: Arnie press at 8kg- 3 sets of 9. Pec fly and rear delt machine at 41kg for both- 3 sets of 10 for pec fly and 3 sets of 8 for rear delt. Shrugs with 17.5kg in each hand -3 sets of 10. Bar that's 30kg for traps (grip hand towards the middle and bring it from groin area to my chest)- 3 sets of 6. Incline and decline with Dumbbells at 12.5 kg each- 3 sets of 9 for both exercises. Chest press machine at 50kg- 3 sets of 9. And triceps with the vertical bar at 36kg - 3 sets of 10. No core stuff.

    I eat 150-200 calories for breakfast, usually a banana or a bowl of cereal (no chocolate or sugary ****), then 100-150 calories for snack, usually a piece of bread or some nuts etc, then dinner which is 500-800 calories and desert (some fruit or yoghurt ) at 100-200 calories, I drink water and sometimes with sugar free squash and I have a can of Diet Coke a week, sometimes more depending if I'm with my gf. Also take vitamin B complex, zinc and vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and vitamin D and cod liver oil tablets.

    I have one treat day a week(roughly)Also, what exactly is average weight? A flat stomach? I know that I'm not exactly going to get abs, but when do I fully lose the tummy? Lastly, with any recomendations, i'd like to keep the workout to a minimum of 40-50 minutes as I am doing my A2 Exams in June and AS retakes too, and nearer the time so after the firat week of may i will be going 3x a week with prioritising my school work. Thank you!
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