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    I have an appointment with my tutor soon, I'm going to ask if I can defer my exams because of anxiety and depression. I've had this on and off for a while but in the past 2 months its become much worse first I was a bit manic and anxious, now I've become disconnected and depressed like nothings real any more etc . I'm finding it hard to do things like getting out bed and taking a shower etc. So not really in a state to do exams next month, my GP would back up on this.

    How should I explain this to my tutor, what should I say without going into detail, I'm quite shy and really don't like talking about things like this, I especially always avoid using the word depression. I feel like I might just say nothing and just sit there. Any help?
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    Do you have a letter from your GP? its soemthing you tutor will have encountered, especially now its exam time.
    Write it down on a piece of paper and if organised: You cna say you are shy(they should know that) and find it difficult to talk.

    1. How long.
    2. How it makes you feel.: examples.
    3. How it affects your studies.
    4. What the GP has said and what you are trying to do about it.
    5. What you want from them.

    If your Dr has said depression, then they will know. they arent Drs, but they will have come across lots of students every year with the same..
    You have to give them the relevant information for them to make an informed decision, sitting there and saying nothing wont make their task any easier, hence writing it down. You will feel less stressed as well.

    Your tutors are more than prepared for such incidents and should back you 110 percent. There is no dancing around the subject or it will make you feel worse, just say that you've been to see your doctor and have been diagnosed with depression. The first hurdle is getting used to say it yourself, I know its hard but in situations like this it will help a lot. Perhaps get a note from your GP but your tutor should be more than understanding and it should allow you to possibly move dates or defer due to exceptional circumstances.

    Hope it all works out for you!
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    I'm in the exact same situation. I feel really awkward about it, like it will sound like I'm making up excuses for skipping exams. I also feel uncomfortable with telling my course tutor I have depression when I haven't even told my friends and family yet. I think you just have to think of it as ripping of a bandaid. It will be uncomfortable but in the end you get to take your exams prepared and in the right state of mind. My psychiatrist told me that he would write up a summary of my diagnosis for my university - good enough to describe why I can't take these exams but concise enough to preserve my own privacy. I believe this is standard procedure. It's worth asking your GP to do the same. That way you don't have to do any explaining. Just inform the tutor of your diagnosis and ask him for a deferral, then let the letter from your GP do the rest.

    Good luck
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    i get what your going through i am suffering with depression and i want to tell my tutor but I'm scared he is going to tell my parents and i really don't want him to because my parents think i'm been silly. I'm going to see my tutor soon and tell him everything i can(because i,m super shy). Maybe you should try to talk or if you can't then try witting it down and giving it to your tutor.
    Anyway good luck and i hope you get it sorted.
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