Are they committing fraud?

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Their is a couple who got married in 2014, the female has a better career and better education than the guy.

The guy is 31 into his 32nd year and his last job was in June 2015 on a 5 month contract.

After the guy's contract ended decided, he decided to run a business. I think it could be said she also quit her career to also support the business, which was started in late July. On the business's main website, the information presented is a quote about the business, which they have dated it to 2014, even when the business was formed in late July 2015. So they said something about the business in 2014, put it on the website, when they actually started the business in July 2015.

I'm sure they written this false information deliberately, they must have cross checked every detail on the website meticulously in order to make it look attractive, I know if I was creating a website to promote my business, I would check everything 10 times to make sure their is no error, spelling error etc.

The guy's character is also being called into question, on his linkedIn profile a couple of months ago it defiantly stated he achieved a 2.1 degree, but now it's changed to 2.2.

I Can't believe how low people can go in order to get a gain.

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