As sociology families and households resit

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Hi everyone. I am resitting the families and households paper and I need to get an A. My teacher said I need an extra 16 marks to get an A in that paper, then I'll only need to get a high C to get a grade B overall. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get an A in the exam? I'm revising it now and it's really not difficult at all I just need to know how to write the best essays to get the highest marks possible, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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I'd say make really detailed essay plan for the question, including key points and sociologists, but then write the essay without it. Then have the essay marked. Then unless you got full marks, rewrite the essay using your book or class notes until you get a good A grade or full marks. Do this for as many topics as possible, and cover as many questions as possible so no matter what comes up in the exam you'll feel confident. I did this last year (as I wasn't the best essay writer) and two weeks before the education paper I rewrote a question about the marketization of education, I originally got a C so rewrote it til I got full marks - this question then came up in the exam and I ended up with full marks in the education and research methods! So for me it really worked! If you'd like me to mark your answers and give you feedback on improvements then I'd be more than happy too, for AS and A2

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