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    I'm Rena Grace the eldest of my siblings. Last year our family went through a trauma, caused by the death of my younger brother Chris Grace writing this I've just came back from a spiritual tour of finding who I am as I lost myself between the flashing scenes of Chris's death which seemed like something I couldn't put reality as a title to it. Throughout my spiritual journey I've been to Rome,Bali , Spain , France , Russia, Maldives, Japan and India besides some other countries which I think my memory would have not helped to remember. I've met people of different races whom which each came from a different cultural background, each with their own beliefs and religions, some treated me with respect and hospitality while others lacked it. Some were happy but others were sad and miserable. Some were rich and healthy while others were poor and sick. It was a matter of social statuses that people differed with one another, making them imbalanced. Which made me just think that sometimes an Imbalance can sometimes be a balance. I loved the long walks along the Ponte Milvio Bridge in Rome, admiring padlocks that's been locked by humans who treasured love enough to show the world. I also loved visiting Agung Rai Museumof Art, as I watched carefully the old masterpieces that's been made by balinese, Indonesian and European artist,which made me realize that a masterpiece would still remain one even when the room is empty and the lights are off. I've seen rusty buildings that time have eaten it’s corners and that made me get lost in thoughts of how can destroyed objects ever be so beautiful even after all the passing centuries! And as I walked throughout the paved &unpaved roads I’ve came to realize that no matter how much a human have been hurt in his past he’d eventually, move on and I think that’s the case in all cases. We get the shock one time until we soon get used to it becoming numb and free. Perhaps that was me at this very moment of time, as I felt the world pause for a while as I took a mouthful bite of my Italian wood-fired pizza and maybe just maybe that was all that mattered for now. Travel.Traveling was what I had always wanted to do since I was 16, well..since my parents divorce I couldn’t think about anything at that time but travel to escape the bars of reality that was causing me pain and restricting me.

    India, I decided would be the last in my bucket-list. Indeed, the best is always kept the last. I always had this thing connected to the soul of this place. It’s people ,streets,changing weather and traditions had always been something I constantly wanted to know more about day after day since years. Going there, felt like living the reality of a wish I always thought it’s place would belong to the pages of a book. Roaming each and every street of this place like a lover looking for his lost love never got me feeling tired because I felt nourished with every corner and every person I met along the way. The buildings were old with history, the people were filled with kindness that lit their souls up it was a matter of beauty that can’t be described by words. I felt scared to miss an inch of this place without visiting as I felt I’d be missing something I’d never get back to look at as if time was already something that can never belong to anyone, but then I realized..we can’t just have everything at once & that some things are meant to be missed out but all we can do about it is just enjoy what we have meanwhile. Admiring the country I realized that love didn’t only belong to people but also to countries and places buildings and history. I took pictures.Lots and lots of pictures, saving the moments from slipping away..it’s the humans kind of way to hold onto memories.It’s true my brother died and left this world with all what It had, but his soul is still here just like ruined places of history. One can never be able to erase the history of anything because there will always be the signs of it’s existence left behind.I learned that not everyone are meant to stay in our lives, and it’s just the way the human race is “Temporary” and “Can’t Be Promised” , you never know when everything changes or when everything begins you just know that all you have for now is this very moment to hang on to and do your very best to have the most of it and it hurts, but getting hurt can never take anything away from your soul the same way time does to buildings it can ruin it but it can never take away its beauty.. what I also learned is Self Love, self love can make you feel the happiest when you don’t want to smile, but also self love is the perfect way to attract the kind of love you really deserve into your life and even all the good people who are by your side. After all love is what us humans feed on whither that was the love of other humans our own selves or other places. Addiction to certain things is what makes us drown in hope of something beautiful happening at any time making you look forward for another tomorrow..another chance another daylight, the same way places of history look for sunlight everyday to revive it’s beauty to all who visit in hope of living it’s once “present” glamour..

    & somehow that turned out to be my story.And yours?
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