URGENT: F216, NaCl on Yeast Cells, Body Fluids, Photosynthesis Wavelengths Watch

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If anyone especially doing OCR A2 Biology can help me I would be REALLY appreciative!!
I changed exam boards: so, for AS I had Edexcel and A2 currently I have OCR. My overall qualification in Biology would be from OCR.

I have an OCR practical exam (or ISA i believe they are called?) TOMORROW on Body Mock Fluids, NaCl on Yeast Cells and Photosynthesis wave lengths.

Bearing in mind I have NO idea of the AS content, having changed boards, I don't know how the ISA/Practicals work or how do prepare for them?! I know some of the content expect you to refer back to AS content but I had edexcel so no idea if anything overlaps.

I have the a2 OCR textbook, with f214 & f215 topics but any ideas on how to go about it or what I am expected to do? I am a private candidate who does NOT do biology with the school - only with a centre therefore have not done practical exams before.

Do I make notes?! How does it all work?!

Please please help! Thank you so much!!

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